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Presidential Campaign

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De Blasio Refuses to Pay $320K Running Bill for Presidential Campaign NYPD Security

The mayor secretly asked whether taxpayers could pick up the tab for his police detail as he traversed the country — and was told no. He’s refusing to pony up, and has little campaign cash on hand as he flirts with a run for governor.

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NYC Voters Wait — and Wait — for Absentee Ballots From Backlogged Board of Elections

Many city residents who’ve asked to vote by mail in the June 23 primary have not yet received a ballot — spurring civic groups to promote pandemic plans B and C.

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Mayor Pete Pays for Own Security as Mayor Bill Bills NYC

While de Blasio make taxpayers foot the expense bills of the cops who follow him on campaign jaunts, Indiana’s Buttigieg picks up his own tab.

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Dante de Blasio Returns as His Father’s Secret Weapon

Six years past his famous TV ad, the new Yale grad talks about his experience with cops after Bill de Blasio invokes him in the presidential debate.


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