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COVID ‘Crisis Moment’ for Families With Children in NYC Pre-K and 3K Programs

Ten-day quarantines are forcing families to keep young kids home, causing chaos for those in need of child care — regardless of negative COVID test results.

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Planned Closure of Elmhurst Hospital Day Care Leaves Parents With Emergency

Queens’ Little Elms Child Care Center — which operates rent-free at the city hospital — was relied upon by staffers and locals with few area options.

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Nearly 2,000 Students With Special Needs Facing Preschool Lockout This Spring

Years of insufficient state funding and closure of private pre-K programs cited among reasons for looming shortage of special education slots.

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NYC Boosts Salaries for 1,500 Non-Union Pre-K Teachers

Pay for teachers in publicly funded but privately run programs would rise by October 2021 to $69,000 — on par with first-year public school teachers.

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Pre-K Head Start Teachers Make Deal For Gap-Closing Raises

The tentative pact marks the second recent labor agreement aiming to bring the teachers’ pay in line with their peers who work in public schools.

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Progressive Promises: Bill de Blasio’s New York City Record

The mayor of America’s biggest city touts accomplishments from Pre-K to policing as he readies for the campaign trail. Here’s how he’s delivered.


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