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New York Extends Eviction Moratorium to early 2022, Offering New Chance for Landlords to Push Back

State lawmakers renew and rework tenant relief to fit a Supreme Court decision won by property owners — cheering advocates but drawing threats of further legal action.

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NYC’s ‘GetFood’ Free Meal-Delivery Service to End This Fall

The popular pandemic-inspired program for senior citizens and homebound New Yorkers who can’t afford delivery will shut down when fed funding ends in October, THE CITY has learned.

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Mutual Aid Group Volunteers Need COVID-19 Vaccine Help, de Blasio Tells Embattled Cuomo

The mayor spoke out after THE CITY revealed the do-gooders who help neighbors were snubbed. Meanwhile, the number of city residents to get the shot surpassed one million as the governor was on the verge of losing his pandemic powers.

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New Rep. Ritchie Torres Bets on ‘Game-Changer’ to Bust Child Poverty in The Bronx and Beyond

A child tax credit increase likely to pass the newly Democratic Congress could drastically slash family poverty in the city — at least for one year amid the pandemic.

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Food-Insecure New Yorkers Seek More Meal Deliveries From City

A survey commissioned by the de Blasio administration and obtained by THE CITY uncovered a profound need for more food — including a preference for produce they could cook at home.

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Evolving in COVID Crisis, NYC Mutual Aid Groups Head Into 2021 With Tablets, Toys — and Diapers

Volunteers who sprang into action in the spring are still working feverishly to answer the yawning needs of New York as the pandemic stretches into the new year. They’ve had to adapt.

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Eighteen Million Meals: A Look Inside New York City’s Emergency Food Aid Stockpile

A New Jersey warehouse, set up as a supply reserve during the height of the coronavirus crisis, is distributing items to food pantries in the city. The first deliveries go out Monday.


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