Police Reform

An audit by the state comptroller documents growing lags in investigating civilian complaints, in part due to delays from the NYPD — and the problem is only getting worse.
NYPD Officer Michael Sher was only docked 10 vacation days for failing to file paperwork on the 2020 incident amid anti-police-brutality rallies.
In its first report since the pandemic began, the Commission to Combat Police Corruption says several cops who should have been fired for terrible behavior and lies were allowed to keep their jobs.
The street-crime police units are back under Mayor Adams with a new name. Officials say they will be looking for guns in 30 precincts. Can you record them on your phone? Do they have to provide ID? We answer these questions and more.
Critics like Mayor Eric Adams say bail reform should be rolled back. Are they right?
For all his attention to crime and punishment, the new mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice is in limbo.
As a new monitor steps in, the judge who issued the landmark 2013 ruling says she’s surprised the saga is still dragging on, with some reforms still unrealized.
A woman who was shoved to the pavement by a police officer during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations has settled with the city — in an agreement that includes a rare payment out of the officer’s own pocket.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board would gain power to initiate its own investigations under a measure the mayor first proposed while running for public advocate over a decade ago.
Independent expenditure groups threw around cash during the citywide primary campaign. Now some are trying to influence up-for-grabs contests in Tuesday’s general election. One big beneficiary: Council hopeful and PBA pal Sal Albanese.
The mayor said he would hire more NYPD lawyers — more than 2 ½ years after the recommendation of a panel of law enforcement experts who identified a major backlog of cases. “Let’s just do it,” de Blasio said after THE CITY pressed him.
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The DOI on Tuesday revealed it began investigating the Criminal Group Database in 2018 — and told THE CITY the examination is “now in its final stages.” The news came after a coalition of activist groups renewed calls for a look into the controversial files.
Researchers hope the review will prod the NYPD to convince its unions to create a database of all officers to avoid possible wrongful arrests and convictions. But will New York cop unions comply?
“To capture the spirit of what was going on on the block, and how it made everybody feel and lifted everybody’s spirits, is not something that you can really put in words,” one participant said.
NYPD officers in Brownsville temporarily withdrew from part of Mother Gaston Boulevard as violence interrupter groups and city agencies stepped in. One elected official called the pilot program “defund the police in actuality.”