Police Brutality

After pledging a ‘thorough’ investigation, the NYPD cleared the officers involved in the 2019 shooting. But new records show that investigators allowed police misstatements to stand, despite having body-camera video to disprove them.
The NYPD admitted to no wrongdoing as it shelled out taxpayer money to settle the matter.
An arrestee once accused Edward Caban of saying he was ‘getting ready with the broomstick.’ The CCRB didn’t buy that claim, but found that he’d wrongfully arrested the man.
James Carlton, 39, was at the Vernon C. Bain Center on May 11 when a team of captains and officers took him “down to the floor,” officers’ records say.
Around the same time the mayor made his statement to THE CITY, NYPD arrested a photojournalist and others in a violent crackdown at a vigil at the subway stop where Neely died.
Data analysis by THE CITY shows that certain NYPD precincts have a higher proportion of inexperienced new police officers than others — and that officers tend to receive more complaints at the early stages of their careers.
Jeffrey Maddrey overrode a Brooklyn police sergeant’s decision to book a former colleague who pursued three boys in Brownsville — with his firearm drawn, they say.
A raft of proposals that progressive and anti-incarceration activists have been pushing for will likely have to wait until next year.
An interim IG has released just one report on the city’s police department this year, as staff shortages render a city oversight body toothless.
Here are some tips New Yorkers should know about getting video of the police behaving badly.
Retired officer Kruythoff Forrester was accused of menacing three youths in 2021, but his arrest was voided about an hour after two top cops showed up at the Brownsville precinct house.
We’re here to listen. Email tips@thecity.nyc or visit our tips page for other ways to share.
An audit by the state comptroller documents growing lags in investigating civilian complaints, in part due to delays from the NYPD — and the problem is only getting worse.
Jeremy Trapp’s lawyer says he was easily influenced by a police source, but the young man was also convicted for a pandemic loan-fraud scheme that was uncovered during the course of the brake-line-cutting investigation.
NYPD Officer Michael Sher was only docked 10 vacation days for failing to file paperwork on the 2020 incident amid anti-police-brutality rallies.
In its first report since the pandemic began, the Commission to Combat Police Corruption says several cops who should have been fired for terrible behavior and lies were allowed to keep their jobs.
The street-crime police units are back under Mayor Adams with a new name. Officials say they will be looking for guns in 30 precincts. Can you record them on your phone? Do they have to provide ID? We answer these questions and more.
A woman who was shoved to the pavement by a police officer during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations has settled with the city — in an agreement that includes a rare payment out of the officer’s own pocket.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board would gain power to initiate its own investigations under a measure the mayor first proposed while running for public advocate over a decade ago.
The mayor said he would hire more NYPD lawyers — more than 2 ½ years after the recommendation of a panel of law enforcement experts who identified a major backlog of cases. “Let’s just do it,” de Blasio said after THE CITY pressed him.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board says Officer Brendan Thompson, who fired the fatal shot, improperly used his Taser and gun, and failed to quickly seek medical help. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea has final say on discipline.