As Brooklyn Borough President, the mayor delivered $2.2 million in public dollars. But as Adams moves migrants in, his Economic Development Corporation just canceled pledged private investment.
Daniel Kandhorov lied to business associates about a medical-billing scheme that involved referrals and kickbacks, according to the suit, which involves others with powerful connections to the mayor.
The mayor spoke to THE CITY about his freshman season, while experts weigh in on his performance on some of the biggest issues in New York City.
Former state Sen. Jesse Hamilton and former Brooklyn Democratic Party District Leader Tommy Torres join numerous friends and political supporters of the mayor now in top city posts.
Letters obtained by THE CITY show that the former mayor violated the city’s ban on using government resources for political purposes, including attacking Donald Trump.
Mayor says “public safety issues” at his Brooklyn townhouse caused him to rent a room in an apartment leased by Lisa White, who’s now a police deputy commissioner.
Lisa White earns more than $241,000 annually, nearly five times her previous city salary as a 911 operator. From 2013 to 2017, Adams lived in her apartment, and she worked with him for years more.
City Council must enable budget-cutting new health insurance options for retirees, warns Eric Adams’ chief labor negotiator — or City Hall will eliminate existing insurance plans.
Mayor reports taxable income on the Bed-Stuy rowhouse he declared his residence, after years of fuzzy and questionable deductions.
Supertalls proliferated. Cars gave way to busways. Outdoor dining everywhere. Nine neighborhoods have been rezoned. Here’s how the physical city morphed in the last eight years.
Newly released transcripts offer a glimpse into the governor’s defiant, Clintonesque defense as probers grilled him about sexual harassment allegations. Meanwhile, 10 women testified about their experience with his administration.
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The new mayor-elect talked about everything from making city streets safer to where he’s going to live, during a media blitz that seemed aimed at taking his brand of Democratic politics to a bigger crowd.
On Jan. 1, the 61-year-old ex-NYPD captain will become the second Black man to assume the top slot in City Hall. Now he’s charged with leading a metropolis of 8.8 million residents out of the ravages of the pandemic. He won’t be lacking for challenges.
In 1991, Adams labeled Officer Lizette Lebron a “scorned lover” and paraded photos of her in a bathing suit to discredit her for exposing a cheating scandal. After THE CITY detailed the episode, the mayoral frontrunner offered a public mea culpa.
In 1991, Adams portrayed Officer Lizette Lebron as the “scorned lover” of another cop and displayed a picture of her in a bathing suit after she exposed a cheating scandal. The mayoral frontrunner now expresses “regret” — but Lebron is still haunted by the attacks.
The mayor, who owes $435,000 to a law firm that lobbies the city, promised to repay the debt “over time” after citing the COVID crisis. Meanwhile, he’s still refusing to reimburse taxpayers $320,000 for his presidential campaign NYPD security.
The mayor, who’s eying a run for governor, will leave office with debts ranging from legal bills from probes of his fundraising tactics to his tab for using NYPD security during his short-lived presidential campaign, THE CITY’s examination found.
The mayor secretly asked whether taxpayers could pick up the tab for his police detail as he traversed the country — and was told no. He’s refusing to pony up, and has little campaign cash on hand as he flirts with a run for governor.
The mayoral frontrunner promised to let the city he hopes to run inspect his home, but officials stuck up a new notice on his door Friday. He finally connected with buildings department officials Tuesday after inquiries by THE CITY.
Taxpayers could be on the hook for up to $5 million in lawyer and public relations contracts inked by the now ex-governor, records show. His successor looking before paying any more bills — including for a firm where one lawyer charges $973 an hour.
Speaker Carl Heastie says lawmakers don’t have authority to impeach a departed governor — and that ongoing state and federal probes as well as criminal investigations will deliver accountability. But some legislators were stunned by the move.