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Patrick Foye

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MTA Employee Virus Hotline Bolstered After Crush of Calls

Transit agency brings in 200 more operators. But subway and bus workers say their coronavirus concerns aren’t being followed up on quickly enough.

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NYC Bus Drivers Fighting for Protective Masks From MTA

The transit agency won’t provide the respirator masks it has to its bus operators yet, saying it is waiting to see if the state needs them elsewhere.

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MTA Rethinking Plan to Slash 2,700 Transit Agency Jobs

The MTA’s "Transformation Plan" was billed as needed to make the subway, bus and rail operation more efficient — but coronavirus has complicated that.

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MTA Floats Staten Island High-Speed Busway to Newark Airport

The bus-to-plane route from the West Shore is among the options being considered for a swath of the borough with limited mass transit.

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Bus Rides Slowed in Muck of MTA-Transit Union Contract Feud

Commuters slog through longer waits, thanks to repeated, union-ordered "safety checks," labor and management sources told THE CITY.

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MTA Plan Calls for More Accessible Subway Stations

A $51 billion proposal revealed Monday calls for making another 66 stations accessible, via elevators and ramps. That’s up from 50 — out of 472.

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Labor Unites to Slam MTA as Tempers Flare Amid Strike Threat

The Central Labor Council accused transit officials of declaring "a war on working people" by sending police to monitor potential overtime abuses.


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