A raft of proposals that progressive and anti-incarceration activists have been pushing for will likely have to wait until next year.
Not only was John Teixeria granted a rare “medical parole” in January 2020 but he’s also received standard parole every six months since then. But state prison officials say they have no place to send him in his condition.
The plea on behalf of Nachemya Weberman, who has only served nine years of a 50-year sentence, appears to be the only time District Attorney Eric Gonzalez intervened for someone convicted of a sex crime.
New York’s major parole policy reform went into effect March 1. It aims to transform how formerly incarcerated people are treated. Here’s how it works.
Jose Mejia Martinez succumbed after an arrest for stealing beer triggered a parole violation. It marked the third such death at Rikers Island since April. The bill passed Thursday would help parolees avoid returning to jail.
Lawmakers announced a deal to overhaul New York’s parole system to limit when parolees could be re-jailed. The move comes days after THE CITY revealed the April deaths of two men sent back to jail for low-level arrests.
The deaths of Thomas Braunson and Richard Blake come as lawmakers rush to pass the “Less is More” reform package that would restrict re-jailings on minor charges. But the clock is ticking with the Legislature set to break for summer next week.
Criminal justice reform advocates contend that authorities should stop putting people who have not committed any new crimes in jail for technical parole violations — especially during a pandemic.
Michael Tyson, who died Sunday, was awaiting a hearing on parole violation. Inmate advocates said he shouldn’t have been behind bars.
The parole process was chaos on Rikers Island Monday as defense attorneys refused to attend hearings they feared were ripe for spreading coronavirus.
Action follows judicial rebuke of city Administration for Children’s Services over how it decided which teens to send back to detention.
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The New York State Bar Association is endorsing a push to eliminate jailing for minor technical parole violations.
Staffing shortages of commissioners lead to split decisions on hundreds of cases for early release, forcing costly and emotionally draining do-overs.
The death of Valerie Gaiter, who murdered an elderly Brooklyn couple in 1979, renews push to mandate parole hearings for prisoners over 55.
Jose Rivera, 54, had been in city jail custody for 33 days on a parole violation when he died Sunday. He never saw a lawyer.
Bills calling for granting older inmates parole hearings and reining in solitary confinement languish late into the state Legislature’s session.
The new policy – and related changes – represents a major shift for Eric Gonzalez, who lost his brother to gun violence two decades ago.