Parks Department

A green vision decades in the making received design approval, but land pivotal to construction is needed from the MTA.
Opened less than three years ago, the ‘mist garden’ has been closed for months by a leak.
Nearly three dozen municipal pools will stay open an extra hour, but 6 p.m. remains the last whistle for city beaches.
Chiefs and lieutenants direct scheduling and oversee rescue operations, but miles of Rockaway Beach where multiple drownings took place now lack these leaders.
Big event producers want more access and fee transparency, while organizers of smaller-scale festivals worry about being displaced.
This year’s budget includes an additional $5 million for opening public school pools for free lessons.
Union-run mandatory workshops double as outlets for anti-management messages, while staff shortages keep stretches of beach closed.
How does a New Yorker join a community green space, and what’s expected of members when they do? THE CITY gets the dirt on how they operate, in time for summer.
Surfs up, numbers down. The Parks Department says that low staffing won’t keep any beaches or pools closed for now, even though there are just 480 guards ready to go — out of a desired 1,400.
The Parks Department on Monday told the City Council that it needs many more employees patrolling pools, parks and forests.
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‘We just want a dignified place to sell,’ one vendor at the unpermitted Brooklyn pop-up market implored at a community meeting that drew more than 100 attendees.
Lifeguards in their first and second years will get a boost of over $3 an hour — and soon there will be more places to train for and take the lifeguard test, for free.
Warmer weather and other ecosystem shifts have the city’s gardeners and foresters staring at ‘existential questions in horticulture.’
Day camps that used to offer sessions at the city’s public swimming holes have been treading water with pricier private pools since the beginning of the pandemic.
The proposals, which include figuring out where to build new pools, aim to create a stronger lifeguard pipeline in New York City.
With two other pools due to close, it may soon be the only Parks-operated indoor swimming pool open in Queens.
Five prefabricated bathrooms will offer relief in one park in each borough — after a painful wait for a company coping with city bureaucracy.
Still feeling the cramps from staff shortages last summer, the Parks Department is making changes to encourage more people to become lifeguards. Here’s how to take the test.
Now the issue is a repair to the pool’s special floor that’s 0% complete — and as the center is already scheduled to close, for at least another year, the summer after next.
Councilmember Lincoln Restler wants to cover his district with saplings, from Boerum Hill to Greenpoint