Parks Department

Dozens of applicants who’d previously failed the qualifying tests were sent automated text messages this week from the Parks Department gauging their interest in taking a new accelerated class to become lifeguards.
Mayor’s look at rule changes comes after THE CITY highlighted a newly enforced rule that prevents municipal workers from moonlighting — and two drownings on Rockaway Beach.
The Parks Department is facing a dire shortage of lifeguards for the city’s dozens of pools and beaches with just 480 certified guards.
The new budget also significantly increases New York City’s “rainy day fund,” but will not be official (or detailed) until the Council’s vote next week.
Five months after the city Department of Investigation suggested 13 ways to clean up the Parks Department’s Lifeguard Division, none of them have been fully acted upon as beach season is upon us.
City pays out in lawsuits to pedestrians injured on dilapidated wooden walkway, while even partial repairs remain years away.
Former Mayor Bill de Blasio terminated a Trump company’s contract to run Ferry Point Park golf course last year citing the ex-president’s role in stirring up the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
Spring opening is around the corner for the luxury Ferry Point Links and its restaurant, without a long-awaited ruling from a judge who’ll decide whether to bump the Trump Organization.
The Olympic-sized Queens public aquatic center that’s been closed since before the pandemic due to a crumbling roof is set to reopen next early year with protective netting. But swimmers will be ordered out again once redesign plans for the ceiling are finished.
The city’s potter’s field, the final resting place for thousands killed by COVID and AIDS, is now overseen by the Parks Department amid visions of creating the nation’s largest municipal cemetery. But a $33M contract to a firm without cemetery experience, under the watch of an ex-Rikers captain, is raising concerns.
Manhattan judge freezes de Blasio move to transfer Ferry Point Park links to a new operator as of Nov. 15 while Trump Organization makes its case to hold on to the 18-hole course. Trump is demanding a $30 million payout if ejected.
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Morningstar Golf promised the city millions more than the now-defunct team of CORE and Bobby Jones Links, documents show. But the city refused to protect Morningstar from any lawsuits filed by the ex-president, the firm says.
Attorney for ex-president tells judge Trump’s firm has a right to keep running the Ferry Point Park golf course past Nov. 14 — even if it loses its suit against the city for canceling its contract following the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Rat poison appears to be playing a role in the demise of creatures like Central Park’s beloved Barry the Owl, necropsy reports obtained THE CITY show. But causes of death aren’t always clear — including a duck that may have drowned in Queens.
The $67 million Flushing Meadows Corona Aquatic Center closed for repairs after the roof started shedding concrete, just weeks before the pandemic erupted. Half of the Parks Department’s dozen indoor pools are shut for maintenance.
THE CITY asked why a homeless shelter operator was set to take over Ferry Point Park links and other news outlets revealed self-dealing and sanctions. Now the mayor says he’s baffled why his Parks Department didn’t spot the red flags.
The beloved barred owl who died last month in Central Park, had a potentially lethal level of rat poison that could have impaired her flying abilities before her crash, according to a state necropsy obtained by THE CITY.
The strip of the shore where Matthew Wiszowaty was swimming had been blocked off because beach erosion makes it impossible to place a lifeguard chair there adequately. Still, some locals say the city should boost patrols at the popular spot.
Work has dragged on for nearly a decade in a Brooklyn neighborhood still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. The city Parks Department recently shuttered a local track, basketball courts, soccer fields and more for 18 months.
In scores of reports to 311, locals complained about loud music, rowdy partying and fireworks at the iconic Greenwich Village park, the subject of a controversial curfew. “We’re desperate. Please help,” one resident wrote.
The Parks Department says real bathrooms will be completed next year. But there are no signs pointing out to port-a-potties blocks away from playgrounds and fields. “Why would they do this to families in Brownsville?” one woman asked.