Mirroring the East Coast Resiliency Project but with less of a fight — so far — the Battery Park City Authority plans to guard the neighborhood from flooding by raising Wagner Park over 10 feet higher than it is now.
At the Brooklyn base of the Kosciuszko Bridge a gleaming new park attracts visitors from around the world. On the Queens side they have anger and frustration.
Those who flock to the sands of Bay 1 on Riis beach — including a historically Black and brown community of trans and queer sunbathers — fear tearing down a long-abandoned medical center that acted as a shield will ruin their “utopia.”
City pays out in lawsuits to pedestrians injured on dilapidated wooden walkway, while even partial repairs remain years away.
Former Mayor Bill de Blasio terminated a Trump company’s contract to run Ferry Point Park golf course last year citing the ex-president’s role in stirring up the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
The National Parks Service has put out requests for new operators at the former airstrip on Jamaica Bay as well as Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, hoping to attract a new clientele. The Aviator Sports complex could also get new management.
Spring opening is around the corner for the luxury Ferry Point Links and its restaurant, without a long-awaited ruling from a judge who’ll decide whether to bump the Trump Organization.
Outsider trash has long been a problem in neighborhoods like Hollis, Jamaica and St. Albans. In lieu of help from officials, many community members are taking matters into their own hands.
Supertalls proliferated. Cars gave way to busways. Outdoor dining everywhere. Nine neighborhoods have been rezoned. Here’s how the physical city morphed in the last eight years.
From affordable housing to waste reduction to high-paid jobs to commercial rent control, we look at where the results stand on some of the outgoing mayor’s major plans touted in annual State of the City and Earth Day addresses.
The Olympic-sized Queens public aquatic center that’s been closed since before the pandemic due to a crumbling roof is set to reopen next early year with protective netting. But swimmers will be ordered out again once redesign plans for the ceiling are finished.
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The South Bronx boasts more tree cover than a decade ago. Canarsie has less. How do we know? The Nature Conservancy analyzed tree cover in New York using laser technology as the climate crisis changes the cityscape.
Manhattan judge freezes de Blasio move to transfer Ferry Point Park links to a new operator as of Nov. 15 while Trump Organization makes its case to hold on to the 18-hole course. Trump is demanding a $30 million payout if ejected.
Attorney for ex-president tells judge Trump’s firm has a right to keep running the Ferry Point Park golf course past Nov. 14 — even if it loses its suit against the city for canceling its contract following the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Rat poison appears to be playing a role in the demise of creatures like Central Park’s beloved Barry the Owl, necropsy reports obtained THE CITY show. But causes of death aren’t always clear — including a duck that may have drowned in Queens.
The $67 million Flushing Meadows Corona Aquatic Center closed for repairs after the roof started shedding concrete, just weeks before the pandemic erupted. Half of the Parks Department’s dozen indoor pools are shut for maintenance.
Comptroller Scott Stringer and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. vote no on proposed new operator — while Trump’s lawyer claims golf legend Jack Nicklaus has the final say.
De Blasio names a firm tied to CORE Services Group and Bobby Jones Links to run deluxe Ferry Point golf grounds. Trump lawyers say the mayor’s “political retaliation” is a losing game and that the ex-president is in for the long haul.
Unusual, unanimous ‘no’ vote on Franklin Ave. development project spells end for a 34-story high rise plan. But the developer is suing to get an alternative approved — and says it can just build condos regardless.
The beloved barred owl who died last month in Central Park, had a potentially lethal level of rat poison that could have impaired her flying abilities before her crash, according to a state necropsy obtained by THE CITY.
The U.S. Tennis Association adopts vaccination requirement after City Hall reversal on tennis tournament safety protocols.