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Yankee Stadium Parking Lot Woes Block Soccer Field Goal, Cost Taxpayers Millions

Shortchanged holders of bonds told parking company owes $34 million in interest alone on unpaid rent and other debts to the city. A possible deal to build a home for the NYCFC could stop the bleeding — if the Yankees and lot owners can make peace.

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Driven Crazy: Alternate Side Parking Rules Stay In Effect in Brooklyn Red Zone

The city suspended the regulations during the height of the pandemic. But in an area where COVID-19 cases remain stubbornly high, people still have to leave home to move their vehicles.

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In a City Turned Upside Down, Alternate-Side Parking Rules Haven’t Budged

Drivers emerge en masse from coronavirus seclusion to keep moving cars for street sweepers. Some Council members are calling for a suspension.

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Brooklyn Borough Hall Parking Lot on Parkland Gets New Review

Borough President Eric Adams defends use of public plaza for parking as THE CITY discovers vehicles with unofficial placards and speeding violations.

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Block Party: Cop Cars Still Jamming Bus Stops After Exposé

THE CITY returned to eight NYPD buildings where police vehicles were obstructing area stops. Five remained clogged, breaking Police Department policy.

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BUS-TED: Police Vehicles Clog Bus Stops Near Precincts

THE CITY’s spot-check of two-dozen stops around NYPD buildings found one-third blocked by marked police vehicles and cars with windshield placards.

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A Lot of Money: Prices Spike at City-Owned Parking Garages

The tab will rise up to $200 a month, socking drivers already upset over congestion pricing. But some say they hope the hike will discourage driving.


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