THE CITY launched in April 2019 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan, digital news platform dedicated to hard-hitting reporting that serves the people of New York, producing consistent, high-quality and high-impact accountability reporting.  Our work is free to all and does not require a subscription. Instead of charging for access, we rely on the support of members, donors and sponsors.

When people have good information they can make good decisions...and good decisions lead to a better life.  Independent local reporting is the critical link between the policies, spending and other actions of local government, the private sector and citizens.  

Without this reporting, accountability disappears, citizens disconnect, and democracy fails.  This reporting is more important than ever for New York City as it faces the daunting challenges of the coronavirus crisis recovery and the November 2021 elections, which will fill nearly every major city and borough office.

The closure of multiple local news platforms combined with the dramatic downsizing of many other reporting teams has had a catastrophic impact on broad, consistent reporting on local affairs in the nation’s largest city.  At a time when New York City’s population (9 million) and budget ($95 billion) are larger than ever, the number of local reporters has plummeted.  No matter what you think is New York’s most important priority or pressing need, it will not be fully or effectively addressed without local reporting. (More here on the need for THE CITY.)

With 1,000+ stories under their belt in their first year, THE CITY’s diverse team of 20 journalists are in all five boroughs, City Hall and Albany producing essential reporting and information — engaging with the city’s communities and holding the city’s leaders and institutions to account where they are failing to deliver.

THE CITY’s team:

THE CITY is also a resource and partner to other news organizations, collaborating to produce high-quality accountability reporting, and encouraging republication and reuse of our stories throughout the broader nonprofit and for-profit news media ecosystem.

THE CITY measures success through both audience and engagement metrics — and specific, tangible impact of its reporting.  Rapid growth of impact and audience has allowed THE CITY to quickly emerge as a “go-to” essential source of reporting and critical information for New Yorkers.

THE CITY receives extraordinary support from lead founding donors the Charles H. Revson Foundation, Leon Levy Foundation and Craig Newmark Philanthropies and our distinguished Board of Directors.  We have raised additional funds from a stellar list of major donors and corporate sponsors and launched a very successful membership program composed of donors of up to $10,000.  THE CITY also benefits from the valuable advice offered by our Editors’ Council.

THE CITY’s editorial team is supported by a first-rate team of business and organization-focused colleagues who have established a world-class, technology-enabled media company foundation that propels and amplifies the impact of THE CITY’s work.

Have any questions about THE CITY?  Email us at info@thecity.nyc