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NYCHA Bribe Investigation Snares Contractors Who Made Millions From No-Bid Work, Officials Say

Vendors ponied up everything from cash to booze to get repair jobs, the Department of Investigation and the Brooklyn DA’s Office found. The nine arrests came after THE CITY revealed the potential for corruption with "micro-purchase" contracts.

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Manhattan Lead Paint Confusion Casts New Doubts on Moving Public Housing to Private Management

A supervisor assigned to oversee possible lead paint removal didn’t have certification. Meanwhile, an asbestos removal firm with a record of violations was hired. Some elected officials say NYCHA must pause transferring buildings to private firms.

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Cuomo’s Triumphs and Unfinished Business as He Quits Under a Cloud

The governor arrived in office in 2011 with an agenda aimed at bolstering New York State. Some of his promises — from marriage equality to minimum wage to supportive housing and more — came to fruition, while others remain outstanding.

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Alleged Mold Coverup Stains Public Housing Move to Private Management

A developer charged with taking over a NYCHA housing complex in Upper Manhattan patched over toxic mold with sheetrock, an investigation found. The discovery added to some tenants’ doubts about so-called RAD conversions.

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De Blasio Touts Bronx Playground Fix as Bigger Plan Falls Short on Money

The mayor vowed to overhaul nearly 90 shuttered play spaces at public housing developments after THE CITY revealed dire conditions. But the $7 million he’s earmarked won’t come close to covering the major job ahead.

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De Blasio Promises Repairs to Decrepit and Dangerous Playgrounds

"We need these playgrounds fixed," he said after THE CITY reported more than one in 10 NYCHA playgrounds are shuttered because of unsafe conditions. Mayoral candidate Eric Adams called for swift repairs. But residents remained skeptical.

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Playgrounds Off-Limits For Thousands of NYC Kids as City Emerges from Pandemic

More than one of 10 NYCHA playgrounds is closed, while others are in dire need of fixes. One national expert shown pictures of some battered structures by THE CITY said the equipment should be buried at sea.

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NYCHA Ignored Warnings That Ventilation Woes Endangered Tenants During Pandemic, Emails Show

A consultant repeatedly urged public housing managers to overhaul decrepit airflow systems in 240 complexes across the city. But NYCHA officials, who insisted there was no danger, did nothing for weeks as the virus raged.

Red Hook NYCHA Tenants Face New Gas Outages in Maddening Pattern

Nearly 100 households at the Brooklyn complex have been without cooking gas for a week and NYCHA has no timeline for repairs. It’s a story that’s played out repeatedly in recent years at the borough’s biggest public housing development.

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NYCHA Mold Court Deal Faces Do-Over as Judge Moves to Protect All Tenants

The 2013 court-monitored agreement to eradicate toxic mold from public housing doesn’t cover apartments being moved to private management. That’s a big problem, says the judge, who ordered the city and residents to hammer out a new deal.


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After Demolition Scare, Chelsea NYCHA Tenants Forge New Path With Private Management

Fulton and Chelsea-Elliott residents met with top housing officials for months to hash out what comes next for their Manhattan homes. The process has been rocky at times, but could become a model for how NYCHA engages with tenants across the city.

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Brooklyn Tenants Sue NYCHA Over Constant Gas Outages

Nearly 200 Red Hook Houses residents have been without cooking gas since January, forcing them to use hot plates or spend money on take-out. Tenants say they’re victims of a longstanding pattern of neglect.

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Can Mayoral Hopeful Shaun Donovan Save New York City’s Crumbling Public Housing?

The ex-city and federal housing boss created a controversial privatization program now used in NYC. NYCHA’s lead-poisoning scandal festered while he was in Washington. Now Donovan says he can rescue residents.

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Former Sanitation Boss Kathryn Garcia Wants to Dig NYC Out of Its Mess as Mayor. But Can She Ditch Her de Blasio Ties?

Bill de Blasio’s go-to troubleshooter on everything from lead paint to hunger now seeks his job. But with no electoral-politics experience and fundraising lagging, the bureaucrat faces her biggest challenge yet.

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Kids Poisoned After Lead Turns Up in Apartments Declared ‘Lead-Free’ by NYCHA

Inspections have so far found lead paint in more than 24,000 apartments ordered for testing. Among the victims: the great-great grandson of Eleanor Bumpurs, the public housing resident gunned down by cops in the 1980s.

What Is NYCHA? Your Questions Answered About New York City Public Housing

If the population were a state, it’d be as big as Wyoming, or Vermont. Figuring out how to repair the crumbling, enormous housing system has stymied leaders for years as tenants suffer.

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How Shootings Spiked at NYCHA Complexes Targeted in de Blasio Crime Prevention Campaign

Mayor de Blasio’s "MAP" plan to help high-crime developments with extra NYPD cops and community services failed to stem violence at public housing developments last year, THE CITY’s examination shows.

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NYCHA Promises Apartment Repairs for Great-Granddaughter of NYPD Shooting Victim Eleanor Bumpurs

The kin and namesake of the 66-year-old NYCHA tenant who became a symbol of police brutality and cops’ inability to deal with people in mental health crisis gets swift action after THE CITY spotlights her case.

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Eleanor Bumpurs’ Namesake Kin Inherits Legacy of NYCHA Neglect and Disrepair

A great-granddaughter of a Bronx woman killed by police in her home during a 1984 mental health crisis shares not only a name but the experience of broken public housing. Now her son has lead in his blood.

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NYCHA Falsely Certified This Brooklyn Child’s Apartment Lead-Free. Now He Has Lead Poisoning — and He’s Not Alone

"When people make mistakes and then cover those mistakes up with lies upon lies, that’s when people get really hurt," said Sherron Paige, whose 7-year-old son, Kyan, has grown up in a lead-tainted apartment in the Red Hook Houses.