Since January, state law has required the city to detail public housing problems in its online portal. That’s not happening.
Facing a half-billion dollars in rent arrears, the cash-strapped public housing agency has sent 1,250 notices so far.
Estimates to replace or upgrade all public housing developments jumps from $45 billion to $78 billion even as the number of apartments drops from 176,000 to 161,000.
The housing authority’s own analysis blames the 73% spike on rising construction expenses, accelerating deterioration and new initiatives to abate lead and asbestos.
In the height of summer, more than one in 10 public housing playgrounds currently is closed for repairs.
The mayor made Interim CEO Lisa Bova-Hiatt permanent and appointed Jamie Rubin, a former top aide to ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to board chair.
An advocacy group mistakenly claimed HUD was pausing new income calculation rules, but the department says it is moving ahead — and is also planning to reduce deductions and crack down on tenants with high assets.
The pace of tenant requests for repairs has dropped dramatically since 2019, as a federal judge’s oversight prompts unusual management discipline.
The federal housing agency hit pause on its decision after getting pushback from the nation’s large public housing authorities, of which NYCHA is the biggest.
Last week, the Housing Authority sent notices to 290 households with higher income saying they must pay higher rent, and foot the bill for utilities.
Hurricane Sandy recovery work at Manhattan’s Riis Houses kicked up dust from dirt contaminated by a long-ago gas plant, THE CITY found.
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NYCHA could have applied in January 2024 to end the deal but would have had to show it’s in compliance on promised building upgrades that are nowhere near complete.
The Housing Authority seeks city funds to remedy hundreds of violations for faulty brickwork, but the Office of Management and Budget says budget rules prevent it.
NYCHA sends maintenance workers to clean up after each new effusion, but “they’re not hitting the root cause” as sidewalks permanently stained brown force pedestrians to detour into oncoming traffic.
Loose bricks fell off a Jackson Houses wall last week, crushing sidewalk scaffolding — at a time when hundreds of public housing facade violations remain unresolved.
A court-monitored pledge to halve the number of rodents running rampant in public housing has gone nowhere, even as Adams and his new rat fighter expand ambitions citywide.
The governor indicated she would back a voucher program and make more money available for NYCHA to cover unpaid rent.
Last week, the Housing Authority pulled down data on its website after THE CITY found nearly every one of its 2,100 buildings really scored grades of D and F.
Housing Authority was warned about broken trash ducts at developments in The Bronx and Upper West Side before blazes that killed 6-year-old and injured multiple tenants.
Albany lawmakers look to open the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to public housing statewide, as NYC’s ailing housing authority raids savings and halts repairs.
In her State of the City speech Wednesday, the legislative leader is expected to propose putting up new public housing in unused plots within existing NYCHA developments.