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Nicole Malliotakis

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‘Independent’ Redistricting Panel Draws Partisan Battle Lines in Congress Fight

A bipartisan commission charged with reforming political mapmaking fails its first test as New York Democrats and Republicans deliver dueling congressional and state legislative maps. The gridlock came as House midterm elections loomed.

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Staten Island GOP Council Recount Pits Trump Fan Against Moderate Party Favorite

A lot more than 42 votes separate upstart candidate Marko Kepi and David Carr, who is backed by the Staten Island Republican Party. A loss for Carr would mean another upset for the local GOP — and perhaps another sign of the former president’s influence.

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Staten Island 2022 Congressional Race Already Heating Up as Rose Hints at Malliotakis Rematch

The battle for the House swing-seat is drawing national attention with midterms coming. Meanwhile, Democratic ideological splits, impending redistricting and Trump’s lingering hand are spelling another hard-fought race.

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Staten Island’s Answer to AOC Drawing Outside Money in Early Bid to Oust Malliotakis

Newcomer Brittany Ramos DeBarros is targeting the Trump-loving freshman rep in a congressional swing seat that’s again drawing interest — and cash — from beyond New York. But will a left turn — and redistricting — be enough?

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‘Hitler’ Flap Puts Spotlight on Staten Island Borough President Race, a Contest Without a Democrat

Two very different Republicans are running for the office, a seat held by the GOP since 1990. Among them: A Malliotakis ally whose inflammatory comments spurred a viral video — and an apology.

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Staten Island Rep. Nicole Malliotakis Faces Backlash After Joining GOP Bid to Overturn Biden Win

Some observers say that after less than a week in office she may be vulnerable to a challenge in 2022. Others believe her pro-Trump stand could help cement her power in the conservative heart of her district.

NYC Congressional Reps Describe ‘Sheer Insanity’ as Insurrectionists Stormed Capitol

Reps. Ritchie Torres, Grace Meng and Nydia Velazquez detail being thrust into the frightening chaos on a day when the final stamp on Joe Biden’s election got stampeded by rioters acting in the name of Donald Trump, a son of Queens.

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Their Anti-Racism Marches Were Twisted in a $4 Million GOP Attack Ad Campaign. Now, They Just Want to Get Out the Vote

Meet the Young Leaders of Staten Island, a group that got embroiled in the Malliotakis-Rose House battle and is now forging a role in the 2021 municipal elections.

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Inside the Board of Elections’ Long Absentee Ballot Count

More than 713,000 mailed votes received must now be tallied, with several races in the balance. A new bill would speed up the process going forward.

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Staten Island’s Malliotakis Echoes Trump’s Refusal to Admit Biden Won Election

The Assembly member, who is on the verge of becoming New York City’s only GOP House rep, backs national Republicans in their unprecedented denial of the election results as she vies to position herself as Congress’ anti-AOC. 


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Malliotakis Declares Staten Island House Seat Victory, But Rose Vows to Fight On

A win by the Republican Assembly member over the Democratic freshman rep would mark a major comeback for the NYC GOP in a race that drew national notice. But Rose is pinning hopes on absentee ballots.

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Rose-Malliotakis House Fight Poised to Rage Well Past Election Day

With tens of thousands of absentee ballots out in the nationally watched Staten Island race, both sides agree that the count likely will stretch beyond Nov. 3 under lawyers’ eyes.

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Welcome to West Brighton, the Staten Island Neighborhood that Could Decide the Rose-Malliotakis House Race

It’s a swing neighborhood within a Congressional swing district, going variously for Democrats and Republicans in recent years — always picking the winner. And Rose and Malliotakis know it.

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Firm That Bungled Brooklyn Absentee Ballots to Handle Do-Over as Cuomo’s Simpler Solution Gets Ignored

Plans to send whole new ballot packages to 100K voters instead of just corrected envelopes spurred fears of new baseless Trump attacks. Concerns stretched to the tight Brooklyn-Staten Island Congressional race.

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The Candidates Running for Staten Island’s House Seat Agree on One Thing: They Blame Bill de Blasio for Everything

Freshman Rep. Max Rose and Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis are turning their increasingly bitter battle for the nationally watched swing-district slot into a referendum on the mayor.

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Staten Island’s Odd Couple: Rep. Max Rose and Borough President James Oddo’s Unlikely Alliance

The Democratic congressman and the GOP leader enjoy a banter-filled working relationship — while Trump-backed House hopeful Nicole Malliotakis battles Rose without Oddo’s help.

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Staten Island GOP Politicians Rally Around Reopening NYC

Most Republican officials and candidates in the only borough to vote Trump want to move faster than Gov. Cuomo’s plan. There’s one major exception…

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National GOP Eyes Nicole Malliotakis to Flip Staten Island House Seat

Steve Scalise, Marco Rubio and other Republicans are lining up to support her challenge to Max Rose for the post, which also covers part of Brooklyn.

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Red Fades in Brooklyn: Inside the Race for Borough’s Lone GOP Seat

Democratic Assembly hopeful Brandon Patterson looks to take Brooklyn’s only current Republican slot amid growing blue wave.