New York City

Last week THE CITY held an Open Newsroom event at Queens Public Library to discuss the effects of climate change in the city and what New Yorkers can do about them.
The steadfast and outspoken civic leader, who died Sunday, helped save the city and MTA from financial ruin — then went on to make sure journalists understood and covered money in government.
THE CITY hosted a session at Brooklyn’s Central Library about how to get appropriate mental health support for kids in NYC public schools.
Join THE CITY’s Open Newsroom session on Thursday, May 11, at 6 p.m. at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library for a conversation on mental health resources in NYC public schools and how to get appropriate support for kids.
It started with the inauguration of Mayor Eric Adams and a tragic fire in The Bronx and saw historic labor actions and a blistering election along the way.
The lease was signed with just three weeks to go in 2022, leaving the state far behind Gov. Hochul’s goal of 20 dispensaries open by the end of the year.
Join THE CITY’s Open Newsroom for an off-the-record conversation with housing experts as we talk about rent hikes, ERAP, evictions and more.
The new year brings new financial challenges for many New Yorkers amid pandemic uncertainty. Join our next online Open Newsroom session on Monday, Dec. 20, for a discussion of the Child Tax Credit, how to get it — and how key government spending decisions affect people’s lives.
The Open Newsroom is back beginning this week with a lineup of experts to help attendees navigate issues during the pandemic. The sessions are online — and they’re free.
Join THE CITY for a Zoom-powered discussion about coronavirus on Thursday, April 30, at 6 p.m. ET. Help us make local news more collaborative.
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Check out our month-by-month collection of pictures capturing scenes of New York — a city where even the ordinary shines through the right lens.
City’s “Lost in Translation” report finds many firms break promises to conduct calls and send materials in languages other than English.
Our year-long project with Brooklyn Public Library to explore how to make local news more collaborative returns with new meet-ups in August.
THE CITY and the Brooklyn Public Library are teaming for a year of community meetings to explore how to make local news and info more collaborative.
Some 4.4 percent of New York City students refused to take at least one of the state tests in the 2017-18 school year. Find your school’s opt-out rate using Chalkbeat’s interactive.
Advocates’ analysis reveals the landlords racking up the most evictions in the 20 zip codes where city-paid attorneys represent low-income residents.
The owner of Affirmation Arts hopes to dodge the wrecking ball and keep his cultural complex alive by giving it away as a present to New Yorkers.
Good government groups also asked the Conflicts of Interest Board to declare whether Mayor de Blasio violated rules in wake of THE CITY’s reporting.
Some 125 mothers living on tight budgets will get $333 per month to spend without restrictions to gauge boosted income’s impact on child development.
The closed school’s leaders ghosted students, teachers and even their credit card processing company – whom they owe $100,000, a lawsuit charges.