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Freezing Brooklyn Tenants Still Waiting Long After Deal to Rescue Buildings From Bankrupt ‘Worst Landlord’ Nonprofit

More than a year after a court ordered the sale of five dilapidated Brooklyn buildings tied to NEBHDCo, red tape keeps frustrated residents on ice.

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Another ‘Worst Landlord’ Nod for Troubled Housing Group

Tenants and contractor say Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp. owes them big money as it sells buildings through bankruptcy.

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Troubled Nonprofit Gets Payout in Flip of Bed-Stuy Landmark to Upscale Developer

City deed restriction removal paved the way for a court-ordered $12 million sale of a historic building supposed to be used for "youth development."

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Rockaway Developer Gets Tax Breaks Via Troubled Nonprofit Partner

Peninsula Hospital affordable housing site under City Council review owned by Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp. under fire from tenants.

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Bed-Stuy Tenants Bid to Evict Nonprofit Landlord Over Dire Conditions

NEBHDCo, entrusted by the city with nearly 1,000 Brooklyn apartments, strikes a tentative deal to sell some buildings amid violations and bankruptcy.


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