N95 Masks

Recently released data show that 52% of public school students are fully vaccinated, though wide disparities remain.
Here’s what NYC school students had to say about mask mandates, in their own words.
Cops and transit workers distributed a record 26,000 masks in the transit system in the first three weeks of this month — rocketing past the total for the entire past year. Starting Thursday, riders who do not follow the mask mandate will be more likely to face fines, officials said.
The comptroller’s ongoing investigation found the city was short on everything from masks to an up-to-date disaster playbook when the pandemic hit. Stringer also accused the mayor of stonewalling his probe, even amid a lawsuit.
The June 2019 document proved prescient in advising getting more PPE, enough staff to deal with throngs and space to isolate infected patients: “Lack of readiness creates significant safety problems.”
The mayor Wednesday touted a $900 million plan for a 90-day supply of crucial gear for frontline medical workers. But figures obtained by THE CITY show some key items won’t be in full stock for a month or more as virus cases grow.
Some hospitals still don’t have a state-mandated 90-day supply of protective equipment for frontline medical workers as mayor warns renewed restrictions on public life loom.
At the height of the pandemic, the city issued $1.4 billion in emergency, no-bid contracts for crucial medical equipment — and got the wrong masks and lost track of deliveries, records show. “Stop this s—t!” one bureaucrat cried during an online meeting.
Digital Gadgets still keeps millions in city coronavirus protective gear deals as owner Charlie Tebele joins mayor’s small business advisory panel.
The city’s purchasing agency has signed deals for up to 34 million masks — and has received just 637,760 so far, a review of contract records shows.
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Workers say protective equipment remains scarce, despite ruling. Meanwhile, public hospital nurses plan a protest over doctor’s note sick day edict.
NYC to buy 2,000 ventilators and more equipment via Digital Gadgets, a New Jersey firm with a history of trading in QVC hoverboards and Apple laptops.
A half-million surgical masks are on tap after THE CITY reveals staff and tenants left unprotected. Meanwhile, a manager threatens employee crackdown.
A 2006 pandemic plan warned the city could be short by up to 9,500 ventilators. But the few hundred acquired were scrapped over maintenance costs.
Building managers report coronavirus is taking a toll in absences, illnesses and worse in a housing system where 20% of residents are 62 or older.
The transit agency’s 2012 disaster plan, obtained by THE CITY, calls for stockpiles of gloves, masks and wipes that workers say they’re not getting.
Sick and elderly people in group residences make up 15% of NYS COVID-19 deaths — yet those who care for them are short on tests and protective gear.
They’re scrambling to make do with shrinking resources as the patient apex nears. “I am most worried I will get sick and die,” one Bronx doctor said.
The transit agency won’t provide the respirator masks it has to its bus operators yet, saying it is waiting to see if the state needs them elsewhere.
There aren’t enough N95 masks, the best defense against coronavirus. Staffers say they’re being forced to reuse them or rely on less effective models.