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Missing Them

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MTA Plans Memorials Throughout Transit System for Workers Lost to COVID

The agency is putting together visual tributes on video screens, a plaque and gathering next spring, subway and bus boss Sarah Feinberg says. The union is also creating a memorial at its Brooklyn headquarters.

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For Some Near the Cross Bronx Expressway, COVID-19 is an Environmental Justice Issue, Too

Even as air has grown cleaner in The Bronx, a highway through its heart belches pollution researchers say may be linked to risk of death from the coronavirus.

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Thousands of New York ‘Long Haulers’ Struggle with COVID-19 Months After Diagnosis

Doctors are discovering growing numbers of patients with long-term symptoms, creating additional challenges in treatment — and in getting insurance to cover costs.

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How Many 9/11 Survivors Have Died of COVID-19? At Least 42 — and Likely Many More

As part of the MISSING THEM project to memorialize every New Yorker who died due to COVID-19, THE CITY set out to find people whose health was affected by both tragedies.

As Homes for People With Disabilities Sought to Swiftly Isolate Residents With COVID, State Demanded Days-Long Review

Government officials asked group homes to prepare detailed plans at pandemic’s peak. Some refused — and said ignoring the rules helped save lives.

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Sickle Cell Disease Brings Higher Risk of Coronavirus Death, But Inconsistent Treatment

The CDC added the blood disorder to the COVID-19 danger list. But patients, most of them Black, say they don’t always get the help they need in New York’s health system.

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Families Struggle to Send Lost Loved Ones Home to Mexico Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Final-wish homeland burials in Mexico and other countries are complicated by high costs and complex logistics — forcing agonizing waits for New Yorkers reeling from grief.

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Remember Their Names: NYC Veterans Nursing Home Staff Leaks List of 48 Who Died

Workers at state-run Queens home demand justice for fallen veterans with an act of defiance, honor and remembrance ahead of Memorial Day.

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How Families Pay a High Price When Loved Ones Die of COVID-19

Grief is compounded by financial hurdles in memorializing loved ones — from funerals to death notices. Meanwhile, few are using the city burial fund.

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‘She Has to Be Counted’: A Woman’s Life and Death in The Bronx

In life, a park was named after Alpha Crawford. In death, the 97-year-old resident of a hard-hit NYC nursing home nearly ended up in a potter’s field.


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Help Us Tell the Stories of the New Yorkers Lost to COVID-19

Fewer than 5% of city residents felled by coronavirus have been publicly memorialized via obituaries or news accounts. Work with us to change that.