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Mike Gianaris

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Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez Eyeing Run for State Attorney General, Sources Say

The first Latino chief prosecutor in New York is considering a statewide campaign if AG Letitia James vies for governor. Queens DA Melinda Katz and state Sen. Mike Gianaris are also pondering runs, THE CITY has learned.

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Hochul Shows Shades of Green, Offering Hope She’ll Kill Queens Fossil Fuel Plant

The governor threw her support behind the creation of two electricity transmission lines that would bring clean energy into the city. That suggests to environmentalists that she’ll kill plans for a gas-powered "peaker" plant in Astoria. But Hochul’s not saying...

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Albany’s Tax-the-Rich Deal Sends Wealthy to Washington Looking for Relief

Billions in hikes mark a defeat for Cuomo and business leaders who warn of an exodus unless Biden restores state and local deductions. The deal represents a victory for progressives who say the rich must pay more COVID costs.

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Amazon Slayer Mike Gianaris Gets a Primary Amid Ongoing HQ2 Fallout

The Long Island City state senator is set to launch his reelection campaign, flanked by activists who helped him foil the tech giant’s Queens dreams.

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Sprint to Eliminate Cash Bail Raises Tough Choices

Lawmakers finalizing a bill to ban bail resist demands from DAs to jail defendants deemed dangerous

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Interview With the Amazon Slayer

The nomination of Queens State Sen. Mike Gianaris to a post with veto power doomed HQ2. His next target: New York’s vast corporate tax breaks.


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