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Michael Mulgrew

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New York City’s Jobs Picture Grows Cloudier as Fall Approaches

Private sector jobs dropped this summer and the city’s unemployment rate was twice the U.S. average. But bright spots include public sector job growth — and signs that New York women in unions largely kept their jobs, bucking the national "shecession."

De Blasio’s Push to Vaccinate NYC Public School Staff Off to a Slow Start

The mayor wants to begin the COVID inoculations this month. But state officials determine the order of the rollout — and the city has struggled to quickly deliver the vaccines it has on hand.

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Teachers Union Balks at de Blasio’s Suggestion School Buildings Can Remain Open Amid Possible NYC Lockdown

The critical reaction could foreshadow a contentious debate about when it’s appropriate to shut down school buildings.

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‘Ready to Quit’: Deal Allowing More NYC Teachers to Work from Home Threatens New School Staffing Chaos

With students at every grade level allowed to return to school buildings Oct. 1, principals are scrambling again to figure out schedules.

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New York City Schools’ Reopening Delayed After Mayor, Unions Reach Safety Deal

Regular coursework will not resume for students in-person or remotely until school buildings reopen on Sept. 21 — 11 days after originally planned. Random coronavirus testing is on tap.

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Teachers Strike Authorization Vote Looms as Union and City Launch Last-Ditch Safety Talks

With in-person classes set to start Sept. 10, coronavirus testing remains a key sticking point. The union wants mandatory tests for all, while Mayor de Blasio says voluntary testing is enough.

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Union Demand: Test Every NYC Student and Teacher for COVID-19 Before In-Person Schooling Resumes

UFT boss predicts planned Sept. 10 reopening would be "one of the biggest debacles in history" as he mulls legal action — or even a strike.

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How NYC Schools Officials Played Down the COVID-19 Threat

Internal emails and interviews with teachers uncovered a pattern of information withheld about presumed and even positive cases at crucial points.

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NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.

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City Officials Scramble on Coronavirus Testing for Teachers

Teachers union boss faults Health Dept. "holdup" as de Blasio mandates coronavirus testing for teachers and other key workers who visited hot zones.


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