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MTA’s Late in Making OMNY Subway and Bus System Reduced-Fare Friendly

Some 1.3 million seniors and people with disabilities are eligible for discounted trips — but the MTA has managed to make its tap-and-go contactless payment system available to only 70 of them.

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MTA Eyes Commuter Rails as Discount Subways Substitutes With Crowds Expected Back

Transit officials are taking a "relook" at fares and commuting patterns that have shifted during the pandemic. That could mean the LIRR and Metro-North carrying more Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx residents.

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MetroCard Scammer’s Been Arrested 160 Times. Can He Turn His Life Around?

Charles Barry became the poster child for the fight to repeal bail reform. But some criminal justice advocates say his case illustrates the system’s failure to address problems that could have kept him out of jail.

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Staten Island Bus Riders Cry Foul on Fare-Evasion Crackdown

In a borough where MetroCard machines are few and far between, commuters want transit enforcers to hop off their backs.

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No Fare: 1 in 5 Bus Riders Don’t Pay

Nearly 370,000 passengers sneak on daily – marking a big jump since 2013 and helping drive $225 million in annual fare-evasion losses, MTA stats show.


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