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Sneak Peak: Rail Riders Charged Rush-Hour Prices Despite Pandemic Discount

The MTA says hardware hurdles prevented them from removing the option for commuters to buy unnecessarily expensive peak fare tickets. And the agency says it has no idea how many people it fleeced.

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MTA Shuffle Puts Construction Vet in Driver’s Seat, Leaves Vacancy at Transit

Gov. Cuomo on Thursday confirmed the MTA’s new chairperson and CEO will be Janno Lieber, who joined the agency in 2017 after leading Silverstein Properties’ efforts to rebuild the World Trade Center.

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MTA Eyes Commuter Rails as Discount Subways Substitutes With Crowds Expected Back

Transit officials are taking a "relook" at fares and commuting patterns that have shifted during the pandemic. That could mean the LIRR and Metro-North carrying more Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx residents.

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The MTA’s Running a Year Late on Its Next 20-Year To-Do List

The agency’s "needs assessment" looking two decades into the future is being "worked on." But transit watchdogs say it’s already too late.

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Price of MTA Cost-Cutting Consultant Rises

The deal has gone from $2.3 million to $3.75 million. Officials say the job is expanding, but one board member called the bill "troubling."


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