New York state is asking all Essential Plan, Child Health Plus and Medicaid participants to reapply, after a pandemic paperwork pause. The requirement could lead thousands to lose health insurance.
Bronx man’s plight highlights call for city’s poverty relief agency to extend an expiring moratorium on settlement collections from people deemed disqualified for public benefits already received.
Fraudsters are using the coronavirus pandemic to con people out of money, passwords and valuable data. We’ve got some tips on thwarting them.
Gov. Cuomo blames NYC for rising insurance rolls — while the state pays Virginia-based Maximus dearly to decide which poor people deserve costly care.
While Gov. Cuomo demands NYC pay a greater share, insurers sign up patients by the thousands — sometimes for services they don’t actually get.
Proposed Medicaid changes could leave NYC on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars a year as governor put forward record $178.6 billion plan.
New York’s quirk-packed budget process gets more complicated this year, thanks to a Medicaid-fueled $6 billion deficit. Here’s how it all affects you.
Despite no new big-ticket items, Bill de Blasio’s no-frills fiscal plan piles on $3.1 billion personnel and other costs as state money woes loom.
If history is any indicator, the governor will look to hit the city with social services cuts as ballooning Medicaid costs drive widening budget gap.
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