Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

“You’re talking about DOI? I’m talking about DOA,” says mayor of Department of Investigation probe that found financial impropriety and nepotism at Andre Mitchell’s Man Up! organization.
An investigation by THE CITY revealed that an unlicensed security firm was working at hotels housing inmates released from Rikers. City Hall still hasn’t gotten it right.
Global Operations Security claimed it was licensed to provide security at an inmate-release hotel run by Exodus Transitional Community. Our investigation found it wasn’t.
After an investigation by THE CITY, the Department of State is referring an unlicensed security firm to the Queens DA and the State AG for possible criminal prosecution.
New numbers remove rearrests after original cases closed — and show more than two in five supervised release participants get arrested again while still in the program.
The Advance Peace model of mentoring and rewards for reaching life goals has been proven to work in other cities and is about to get its biggest test yet.
A mother who lost a son, a cop, a violence interrupter and an academic weigh in on the murder spike that’s accompanied the pandemic — and talk about how to drive the violence back down.
Funding for building four borough jails has been sliced to $8.2 billion, a 10-year city budget forecast says — with a new construction timeline that could extend two years past the mayor’s 2026 Rikers shutdown pledge.
Pandemic snags smaller jails’ timeline, giving new hope to opponents — while advocates say recent drop in inmate population proves it’s time to press ahead.
Even with new rules in effect, the city is looking at ankle bracelets and apps. Meanwhile, some defendants are being set free, sans monitoring.
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“Atlas” promises services to help freed defendants avoid trouble. But with new rules already in effect, no one has been selected to run the program.
Stats revealed at Council hearing where city officials came under fire for a rocky start to a law intended to protect kids who are arrested.
Records show nearly $17 million spent on facilities for guards mere months before children’s agency takes over Horizon facility in the South Bronx.
The New York State Bar Association is endorsing a push to eliminate jailing for minor technical parole violations.
Investigators slammed Man Up!’s Andre Mitchell for financial and hiring practices while getting taxpayer funds, records obtained by THE CITY show.
Detention Complex looking to clear out within months, moving male inmates into Rikers’ female wing, say union sources.
Some say Mayor de Blasio’s $9 million criminal justice budget boost isn’t enough as local activists set own priorities for healing the community.