Mayor’s Office

Prohibited donations from business associates and dozens of missing refund check copies spurred scrutiny of the mayor’s inauguration.
Eric Adams has already presided over three weddings at his official residence, saying he wants the ‘people’s house’ to be open to New Yorkers.
The financial plan released Thursday sets up a monthslong process of negotiation and hearings within the City Council.
The mayor spoke to THE CITY about his freshman season, while experts weigh in on his performance on some of the biggest issues in New York City.
During the trial, Judge James Burke enraged a Weinstein defense attorney, who also happens to be a close friend of Frank Carone, Adams’ chief of staff.
The move is expected to help bring New York closer to compliance with Local Law 97, which sets limits on building emissions starting in 2024.
While the city and state are taking some steps to mitigate future flooding, victims, experts and government officials themselves say more needs to be done.
The ruling means that until the City Council revisits the budget, New York City must fund the school system at the same levels it did last fiscal year.
In its first report since the pandemic began, the Commission to Combat Police Corruption says several cops who should have been fired for terrible behavior and lies were allowed to keep their jobs.
Mayor’s look at rule changes comes after THE CITY highlighted a newly enforced rule that prevents municipal workers from moonlighting — and two drownings on Rockaway Beach.
A viral post of dilapidated pillars near the George Washington Bridge got New Yorkers wondering: How do you “say something” when you see iffy-looking infrastructure?
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The new budget also significantly increases New York City’s “rainy day fund,” but will not be official (or detailed) until the Council’s vote next week.
The Biden administration has yet to release any plans, leaving the city’s agencies and nonprofits in the dark.
An investigation by THE CITY revealed that an unlicensed security firm was working at hotels housing inmates released from Rikers. City Hall still hasn’t gotten it right.
Twin Parks tenants now living in hotels had been getting hot meals delivered by the distinguished World Central Kitchen. But when that organization pivoted to Ukraine, a group run by a mayoral pal stepped in.
A slate of Mayor Eric Adams recent staff choices, two for faith-based jobs and one for the office of immigrant affairs, have problematic histories for the LGBTQ community.
The mayor’s son has gone from starring in campaign ads to working on glowing taxpayer-funded videos boosting the de Blasio legacy. The younger de Blasio isn’t getting paid — but his former Yale classmate is.
Dan Doctoroff, the former development czar responsible for Hudson Yards and other megaprojects, is among 37 individuals and groups who delivered 12 different proposals for ideas to anchor a New York Harbor climate center.
Seven other candidates will appear on the ballot with the Democrat and Republican, while the influential Working Families Party declined to use its line or endorse anyone. Here’s your guide to the race.
The Guardian Angels leader’s history is marked by both fabricated tales and true events that sound like fiction. Here’s what to know about the beret-wearing, cat-rescuing, vigilante radio host trying to make it to City Hall.