Maternal Health

Bruce McIntyre, who became an advocate for preventing maternal mortality following Isaac’s death, is still fighting for legal rights to their child due to The Bronx’s clogged Surrogate’s Court.
At a grassroots level, New York advocates have long been doing what they can to help people from other states where abortion is effectively unavailable. Now, they’re ready to do even more.
From laws shielding abortion providers from extradition, arrest and malpractice suits to increased funding and security for clinics, Albany and City Hall made it clear that New York will remain a safe haven.
The pandemic’s emotional strains are falling especially heavy on communities hit hardest by COVID, unemployment and child care challenges.
Denise Williams went to Queens Hospital Center last month. Her family found out 48 hours later that the 29-year-old mother of two had died at the city-run hospital. They still don’t know why.
Amber Isaac died after publicly complaining about care at Montefiore. Partner says bill adds more pain on top of loss of mother of their baby son.
Amber Isaac’s death underscored existing racial maternity health disparities that some experts say are likely being made worse by the COVID crisis.
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