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Manhattan DA Race

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Alvin Bragg Poised to Become Manhattan DA and Take Over Trump Prosecution

The career prosecutor, who would be the first Black New Yorker to hold the post made famous worldwide by "Law & Order," emerged at the top of the Democratic pack after Tali Farhadian Weinstein conceded Friday.

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Bragg Holds Slim Lead in Manhattan District Attorney Race But Absentee Ballots Loom

In one of the few contests without ranked choice voting, Harlem-born prosecutor Alvin Bragg was up by about 7,000 votes on Tali Farhadian Weinstein. But tens of thousands of absentee ballots won’t be counted for weeks.

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Manhattan DA Candidate Farhadian Weinstein Blitzes Airwaves Using Her Own Millions

A new $8.2 million cash infusion from the DA contender, spouse of hedge fund manager Boaz Weinstein, boosts her visibility in the crowded district attorney race. "New Yorkers for Tali" has spent much of it on TV spots, Facebook ads, mailers — and a podcast. 

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Manhattan DA Candidate Tali Weinstein Skipped Years of Voting in Local Elections, Records Show

The former federal prosecutor joined the Democratic Party in 2017, after registering with no party and casting ballots only in presidential-year contests.

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Manhattan DA Candidates’ Reform Talk Rattles Veteran Prosecutors

Staffers working for Cy Vance worry budget and personnel cuts could hamper the office, which is investigating former President Trump. Reformers say change is needed to fix a flawed culture among district attorneys.

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Bar Association Slams Former Prosecutor Vying to Replace Manhattan District Attorney Vance

The New York Criminal Bar Association expressed concerns over Diana Florence’s "character and fitness," citing misconduct accusations over withheld evidence. Florence charged the group with "sexism" after the unusual rebuke.

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What You Need to Know About New York’s District Attorney Races in 2021

The race for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s seat is crowded and fierce. Here’s the rundown on the candidates and more ahead of the June 22 primary.

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Cy Vance Raises Almost Nothing for Reelection as Manhattan DA Candidates Amass War Chests and Trump Probe Deepens

The incumbent district attorney has just $4,000 in the bank, new campaign finance filings show, less than any other candidate. It’s the latest indication he is unlikely to run for a fourth term this year.

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Vance Ally Lucy Lang Joins Manhattan DA Race, Signaling Cy Won’t Run Again

The Manhattan District Attorney says he has still not decided whether to seek re-election in 2021. But observers say Lang, who worked for Vance, would join the crowded race only if he opted out.

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Embattled Former Vance Deputy Joins Crowded Manhattan DA Race to Unseat Ex-Boss

Diana Florence, who left the District Attorney’s office in January following allegations she withheld evidence, becomes the seventh candidate to join the contest.


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Manhattan DA Vance Gets Ethics Exemption for Donor Review

To deliver on his pledge to refuse funds from those under probe by his office, Cyrus Vance has government personnel assist with campaign fundraising.

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No Decision From Cy Vance on Fourth DA Term as Challengers Mount

Several potential candidates are mulling going up against the Manhattan district attorney, who told THE CITY it’s "too early" to say if he’ll run.