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Lynne Patton

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NYCHA Tenant Leader in Trump-Touting RNC Video Out as President of East Harlem Democratic Club

Lifelong Democrat Claudia Perez said she felt "betrayed" — both by the club and by a close friend who invited her to take part in the taping.

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NYCHA Employees to Get Masks Even as Workplace Tensions Rise

A half-million surgical masks are on tap after THE CITY reveals staff and tenants left unprotected. Meanwhile, a manager threatens employee crackdown.

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Public Housing Workers Tried to Fool the Feds on Building Repairs

Three NYCHA staffers have been suspended for allegedly tricking HUD inspectors by falsely claiming fixes had been completed, THE CITY has learned.

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Federal Housing Official Says Fraud Charges Building Over NYCHA No-Bid Contracts

HUD’s Lynne Patton declared that "fraud charges are forthcoming" in the wake of THE CITY’s reporting on $250 million in spending on "micro purchases."

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HUD’s Lynne Patton Violated Hatch Act with Trump, Kanye West Twitter ‘Likes’

New York’s top federal housing official, a frequent NYCHA critic, used her office to promote political efforts, investigators found.

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Local HUD Head Lynne Patton Still Under Scrutiny for Partisan Politics on the Job

Office that recommended removal of Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway also fielding Hatch Act complaints about social media maven housing administrator.

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HUD Official Eyes Fines in NYCHA Attempted Sex Abuse Case

Lynne Patton spoke out after THE CITY revealed a repairman allegedly assaulted a woman in a tenant’s apartment where he was supposed to be working.


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