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Maya Wiley Crossed Wires with de Blasio on Failure to Bring WiFi to All New Yorkers

The mayor tapped Wiley in 2014 to get broadband to low-income neighborhoods. Now, 1.5 million people are still unconnected. The mayoral candidate blames her ex-boss, but an examination suggests a more complicated history.

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WiFi Sign of the Times as New Yorkers Gather Outside Libraries for Free Internet

The pandemic shut branches for months. But thousands without access are going and logging in daily to go online for some outdoor computer and phone time.

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City Hall May Pull Plug on LinkNYC Owner Over Missing Kiosks — and $75M Owed

The group behind LinkNYC towers that give free Wi-Fi and phone calls is far behind schedule on installations and payments to the city, officials say.

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Dozens of LinkNYC Kiosks Are Installed but Not Activated

At least 50 of the kiosks made to replace old-school pay phones with Wi-Fi sit idle with no connectivity — some for over two years, THE CITY found.


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