Those who flock to the sands of Bay 1 on Riis beach — including a historically Black and brown community of trans and queer sunbathers — fear tearing down a long-abandoned medical center that acted as a shield will ruin their “utopia.”
The deaths of two French artists last month highlight a recent spike in the number of subway graffiti reports as well as the enduring allure of tagging New York trains.
Three-story 5G-transmitting towers are coming soon to a corner near you — doubling down on bringing free Wi-Fi hotspots to areas outside Manhattan.
New York is one of the few states that categorize pets as objects not worth more than a few hundred dollars. Advocates say treating them as sentient beings would enhance the ability to seek compensatory damages if they are mistreated.
Under a legislative proposal due for introduction next week, all New Yorkers would be required to separate their food scraps and set it on their curbs for pickup. The city’s Independent Budget Office estimates a citywide composting program could save $33 million annually — after five years.
As pets are still being jolted, city oversight of Con Edison equipment and inspects called into question. The DOT says there’s no problem, but data says otherwise.
Former Mayor Bill de Blasio terminated a Trump company’s contract to run Ferry Point Park golf course last year citing the ex-president’s role in stirring up the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
The Biden administration has yet to release any plans, leaving the city’s agencies and nonprofits in the dark.
The New York Mets’ billionaire owner has been pushing City Hall for development around his Queens ballpark, possibly including gambling and nature trails.
A 15-year-old agreement to put 20 automatic sidewalk toilets around the city has been completely stalled for the last two years, with 15 restrooms still not in service.
Thousands of private and public sector employees can’t work because of a vaccine mandate, but for the city’s sports and nightlife celebs, it’s game on.
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Lauryn Petrie was just getting her life together after a history of abuse and drugs when the pandemic locked down her dreams of stand-up comedy fame. She took her sense of humor to the morgue instead.
Mayor Eric Adams has picked controversial former City Councilmember Laurie Cumbo to lead the Department of Cultural Affairs, according to people familiar with the appointment.
The National Parks Service has put out requests for new operators at the former airstrip on Jamaica Bay as well as Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, hoping to attract a new clientele. The Aviator Sports complex could also get new management.
Twin Parks tenants now living in hotels had been getting hot meals delivered by the distinguished World Central Kitchen. But when that organization pivoted to Ukraine, a group run by a mayoral pal stepped in.
State lawmakers and local officials are trying to give The City That Never Sleeps some peace and quiet. But some car and motorcycle enthusiasts say they have every right to be loud.
Despite global spiritual leaders encouraging the jab, one Brooklyn rabbi said any colleague of his who rejects an exemption request “isn’t Jewish.”
Twenty Bronx tenants will participate in a hot environmental experiment for the next six months.
Households in New York City are seeing big spikes in what they’re being charged this month, even though many aren’t using significantly more juice. We explain why, and what you can do.
The scariest story at the oldest library in the city is a tale of red tape causing new fire alarms to be overdue for more than 147 months.