Shuttered Lefrak City library branch flooded during Ida and again in April.
One library repair project has been in the works for nearly 14 years, THE CITY found.
The scariest story at the oldest library in the city is a tale of red tape causing new fire alarms to be overdue for more than 147 months.
Twenty-five libraries throughout the city were closed on Monday due to worker shortages, forcing some New Yorkers to stand outside in the cold for WiFi and to download tomes.
Some 250 storied artifacts spanning 4,000 years of human history — from Virginia Woolf’s walking stick to Malcom X’s briefcase — are newly on exhibit at the 42nd Street branch.
The pandemic shut branches for months. But thousands without access are going and logging in daily to go online for some outdoor computer and phone time.
NYC’s three library systems are gearing up to reopen more branches for limited service, even as all returned items are sequestered for 96 hours.
Meanwhile, e-book purchases grow as officials serve readers’ immediate needs while preparing for a technological transformation hastened by pandemic.
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The effort will rely on outreach to traditionally undercounted communities with Congressional representation and federal funding at stake.
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Popular branch in Citigroup Tower once eyed by Amazon will close a year after the tech giant cancelled its Long Island City deal.
The federal discrimination suit against the Queens building marks the latest legal action stemming from the past decade’s development boom.
Queens library officials signal interest in community board’s 11th-hour demand, but the developer of the old graffiti art site isn’t on the same page.
Patrons at the Rugby branch are relegated to a trailer and frustrations rise over the city’s longest ongoing library renovation project.
Our year-long project with Brooklyn Public Library to explore how to make local news more collaborative returns with new meet-ups in August.
THE CITY and the Brooklyn Public Library are teaming for a year of community meetings to explore how to make local news and info more collaborative.
Problems at the city’s 220 branches range from leaky roofs to broken heaters. Library officials struggle on priorities as patrons feel the brunt.
The Citigroup Building’s owners won’t kick out the library this summer, giving the Long Island City branch until March to find permanent new digs.
After 30 years in Long Island City’s Citigroup Building, beloved Court Square library branch is reading into an uncertain future.