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De Blasio’s Promised Rent Help for Homeless Youth Takes a Detour

Officials agreed to route young people to live in adult shelters in order to obtain vouchers for permanent housing — even after the mayor promised direct access to help, document obtained by THE CITY shows.

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Schools Remote-Learning Hub Limits Identity Options for Nonbinary Students

Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is running for mayor, tells Chancellor Richard Carranza: "We need to do everything possible to accommodate all students in their diversity."

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New York City Pushes Toward Goal of Zero Girls in Detention With New Program

The city’s child welfare agency has teamed up with advocacy groups to create a new alternative program to help at-risk girls and gender-expansive youth.

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Court Deal Would Guarantee Shelter for Some Homeless Teens

Runaways ages 16 and 17 would get beds on demand in youth-appropriate shelters, under proposed pact between City Hall and Legal Aid.

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Homeless Youth Age Into Adulthood Still Waiting for Housing Aid Promised in 2017

Most young adults must leave youth shelters when they turn 21, yet are still denied promised vouchers to help them pay for their own apartments.

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Shelter Settlement Spawns New Policies to Support Transgender Homeless

A Commission on Human Rights complaint prompted the Department of Homeless Services to rethink how it deals with transgender people.

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Layleen Polanco Died of Epileptic Seizure in Solitary, Autopsy Reveals

The 27-year-old was on anti-seizure medication at Rikers Island. Her family lawyer charged she died of "indifference and neglect."

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‘The Olympics of Pride’: Record 4 Million Visitors Expected

WorldPride festival, Stonewall’s 50th anniversary and two marches spur business promotions, security preparations and a scramble for accommodations.

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Ten Miles From Stonewall: Polanco Death Haunts a Prideful Celebration

Layleen Polanco, a transgender 27-year-old woman, died in a jail cell just as a month of rainbow-hued events celebrating LGBTQIA progress kicked off.

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Ballroom Family Remembers Layleen Polanco, Who’d Spent Week in Hospital While Jailed

Layleen Polanco, the 27-year-old who died in solitary last week, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital for eight days just two weeks before her death.


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Questions Over Why Layleen Polanco Was Jailed Amid $500 Bail

Lawmakers demand answers in case of the transgender woman, who died in solitary confinement on Rikers Island while held on misdemeanor charges.

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Woman Who Died at Rikers Island Was in Solitary

Layleen Polanco, 27, was being punished in solitary confinement after being jailed on misdemeanor charges and held on $500 bail, sources said.