Legal Aid

“We have nonprofits that are stretched too thin, and they are rejecting cases because they’re not getting the resources they need from the city,” said City Councilmember Shaun Abreu.
The city’s housing agency is also suing, seeking to have heat and hot water restored to residents suffering multiple plagues.
At least one judge has already rejected the argument, noting that “failing to seek a license before roaming the streets with a loaded firearm is not abiding by the law” and that “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.”
Legal Aid lawyers cite a handful of vulnerable, inmates dealing with cancer, diabetes and more as prime candidates for immediate release.
Legal Aid demands release of juvenile delinquents in face of “risk of serious medical harm,” saying social isolation is “effectively impossible.”
Runaways ages 16 and 17 would get beds on demand in youth-appropriate shelters, under proposed pact between City Hall and Legal Aid.
The city’s freezing of the Third Party Transfer program — which would let a new owner take over — has complicated things, tenant advocates say.
Action follows judicial rebuke of city Administration for Children’s Services over how it decided which teens to send back to detention.
Department of Correction cited for violations of court pact to reduce head blows and other pain-inflicting acts by “hyper-confrontational” officers.
The bill decriminalizing pot and expunging records leaves some dazed and confused over next steps. Meanwhile, repercussions remain for immigrants.
Judge decides rules used by Administration for Children’s Services officials to send youths back to juvenile facilities “have no force of law.”
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The agency is shifting eviction hearings from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn – but public housing residents and attorneys say there’s been little notice.
Lawsuit charges police are violating rules by hitting restaurant employees with $500 tickets instead of citing owners for the illegal two-wheelers.