Law Enforcement

At least a dozen members of the NYC Department of Finance’s Sheriff’s Office have been accused of pilfering alcohol and other goods that had been confiscated during the city’s pandemic shutdown.
Since 2014, thousands of New Yorkers have filed deed theft complaints, but many are hard to prosecute. Now that could change.
Civilian Complaint Review Board determined that Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey committed misconduct when he intervened in the 2021 arrest of a retired cop who had chased three boys in Brownsville.
Retired officer Kruythoff Forrester was arrested and sprung within hours after NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey showed up at the precinct. The three boys Forrester chased say they’ve felt like no one in power has believed them.
The New York City Police Foundation has steered millions of dollars raised by powerful New Yorkers to back sometimes controversial law enforcement projects.
Union wrote Eric Adams’ top lawyer last month asking how the sheriff’s office has authority to carry out certain cannabis crackdowns backed by the mayor. It’s still waiting for an answer.
District Attorney Alvin Bragg called an emergency meeting and faced tough questions over the office’s handling of the case.
Facing three law-enforcement probes and safety complaints by neighbors, the controversial firm that puts former detainees in unused hotels is shutting down the program.
“We’re not sleeping on this ruling,” the mayor told THE CITY, explaining how NYC could restrict firearms in certain sensitive places.
Critics like Mayor Eric Adams say bail reform should be rolled back. Are they right?
George Zapantis died after responding officers deployed Tasers seven times, with coroner calling homicide the cause. But official review of the unarmed civilian fatality found police had reason to subdue him.
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Hearing officers at the city Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings protest plan that could make phone calls the standard way costly fines get refereed.
Both Wimbledon and the French Open were dogged by suspicious betting patterns now under investigation in Europe. Here’s how New York City’s own Grand Slam tournament is working to keep the games clean.
The Advance Peace model of mentoring and rewards for reaching life goals has been proven to work in other cities and is about to get its biggest test yet.
A little-known labor contract provision obligates New Yorkers to help pay officers’ legal bills in lawsuits that city lawyers decline to defend.
Following a court order sealing most but not all police disciplinary files, Corporation Counsel says it’s “not worthwhile” to issue remaining records, despite landmark 50-a law repeal.
THE CITY has obtained more than 250 civilian reports alleging police abuses, from bullying to brutality. Read details from some of the records law enforcement groups are waging a court battle to keep confidential.
Have you ever filed a complaint against a cop? Are you a police officer who tried to call out misconduct? We want to hear from you.
In January, the Police Department quietly hired a white-owned consulting firm to “revisit” the signature reform effort the mayor touts as a cure-all for cop-civilian clashes.
Some DAs urge caution in pressing criminal charges like those against Juan Rodriguez in the death of his young twins in the Bronx.
Melinda Katz takes a 60-vote lead in Democratic primary for Queens district attorney, but insurgent Tiffany Cabán’s poised for a legal battle.