Law Department

Attorneys for underpaid caretakers argue that New York abandoned its legal obligation to workers by closing cases.
City officials have been begging for a ‘statewide decompression’ strategy for months, but the governor rebuffed it Thursday.
The city wants to toss out a class-action suit brought by drivers ticketed for illegal airport pickups, but the plaintiffs keep pressing for a trial.
Resolution of the long-pending legal case challenging ‘community preference’ set-asides could reframe which applicants get affordable housing — including a relative of the judge hearing the case.
The NYPD admitted to no wrongdoing as it shelled out taxpayer money to settle the matter.
The city will bring in eight lawyers, paid for by their private firms but listed as employees of NYC, to plug a shortage. Critics say it’s just a drop in the bucket.
Documents show the mayor’s counsel readying to recruit pro bono legal staffing from private law firms, as low pay and strict work conditions leave hundreds of jobs vacant.
The Human Services Council, an umbrella group representing scores of nonprofits, has taken the unusual step of suing the city over a new law aimed at making it easier for their staffers to join a union.
After the killing of Daunte Wright in Minnesota, Mayor de Blasio said cops who “don’t know how to handle their weapon” shouldn’t be on the force. But an NYPD officer who he says he accidentally shot and killed a man in 2008 just notched his latest big job.
A little-known labor contract provision obligates New Yorkers to help pay officers’ legal bills in lawsuits that city lawyers decline to defend.
The suit filed by South Elliott Place residents came after the latest spate of alleged threats and harassment. “We have no choice but to take legal action,” one tenant said.
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