E-bike and phone chargers are coming soon to City Hall Park and other spots, after drivers for companies like Grubhub and DoorDash dreamed of having warm places to pause between runs.
Local 1549 of District Council 37, whose members include low-paid secretaries and clerical aides, had its management removed and is now being run by AFSCME in Washington D.C.
Some companies don’t provide insurance coverage for workers, while others keep it a well-guarded secret — leaving hurt deliveristas in the lurch.
The City Council is considering upping penalties for companies that are repeat offenders, which workers allege includes the fast casual Mexican-style restaurants.
A mostly Latin immigrant workforce stepped up when COVID-19 threw the MTA for a loop and required more cleaning with less staff. As their time runs out, many are looking for more permanent, union work with the transit agency.
The mayor and major city unions plan to press the City Council to clear a path for a privatized Medicare plan for retired city workers.
Preliminary stats from Councilmember Gale Brewer ahead of a Friday hearing show deep holes in staffing at key city safety agencies.
A National Labor Relations Board hearing officer recommended certifying Amazon Labor Union — but Staten Island workers’ fight for a contract is far from over.
New Yorkers are 10 times likelier than the average U.S. worker to have recently joined a private-sector labor union, a pre-Labor Day analysis finds.
In a victory for the system’s marine engineers, a judge finds these Staten Island Ferry workers are entitled to wages on par with the private sector.
A resolution to the 12-year stalemate that has left workers without raises since 2010 could be in sight.
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Elizabeth Crowley vowed not to take developers’ campaign dollars — but under Citizens United, her union launched a fund mostly paid for by the real estate industry.
The cancellation of a proposed cost-saving health plan after retired city workers sued could drain a special fund City Hall and unions use to pay employee benefits.
Fast food giant agrees to pay some 13,000 current and former employees to resolve city investigation of violations of local scheduling and sick leave laws.
THE CITY obtained a copy of a labor agreement that would give crews a long-due raise — but City Hall has not signed, despite months of urgings from Staten Island officials that preceded service disruptions.
A new partnership between a food delivery giant and the advocacy group New Immigrant Community Empowerment falters after workers question who’s really in charge.
Shipping service workers to rally in Canarsie after six fell ill while on the job in last week’s heat wave.
DC 37 and other unions are steering clear of that jam-packed and wide-open race, THE CITY has learned, as well as the Nadler-Maloney showdown in Manhattan.
More public school swim lessons, flexible hours, and adopting “shallow water” rules are all possible streams to more robust beach and pool seasons in the years to come.
The unemployment rate edged up to 6.2%, but a recession could be around the corner.
With a lawsuit slowing things down, insurers Elevance Health and Empire BlueCross BlueShield have pulled out of a controversial deal to change retired municipal employees’ Senior Care to a privately run plan “given the level of uncertainty at this time.”