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L Train

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‘Tough Guy’ Cuomo’s Hard Reign Over MTA Shaken by Growing Scandals

The fallout over the allegations roiling the governor could have implications for the subway and bus agency, where former and current officials and board members say Cuomo’s management style has repeatedly driven away top talent.

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Hot and Bothered: Burning Cables Led to L Train Headaches

L train riders endured severe delays this week because of "smoldering and hot cables" in the line’s East River tunnel. The MTA is investigating.

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L Station Repair Spending Projected to Double as MTA Takes Different Track

When Gov. Cuomo scrapped a plan to fully shut down the L train’s Canarsie Tunnel, that disrupted projects that would have "piggybacked" onto the work.

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The Elevated Line: MTA Adding More Lifts to 14th Street Stations

The MTA is rolling out plan to make more stations accessible to those who can’t use stairs or escalators, starting with more elevators on 14th Street.

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Free Subway Transfers Prove One ‘L’ of an Idea in Brooklyn

Brownsville riders hope the temporary link between Livonia Ave. and Junius St., stemming from the giant L line repair project, will become permanent.

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Work Train Delays Could Add to Pain on the L

With night-and-weekend work coming for the East River tunnel, riders gird for potential residual service snags. The MTA says there’s no need to worry.


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