Kathy Hochul

THE CITY in 2021 highlighted the story of David Herion and how his alleged victim, Carolyn Jones, had pushed to get him home to his family.
New York promised to put independent businesses at the heart of the legal pot industry. Now major medical marijuana companies are making their play amid the state’s stalled retail launch.
City officials have been begging for a ‘statewide decompression’ strategy for months, but the governor rebuffed it Thursday.
Local officials oppose the planned shelter, saying it is a remote place to house people.
Governor announces more income-restricted units and set-aside for locals there on 9/11 — while acknowledging impact of ‘100% affordable’ agitators.
Nearly three dozen municipal pools will stay open an extra hour, but 6 p.m. remains the last whistle for city beaches.
New school holidays and criminal record seals are in. But many proposals related to tenant protections, developer tax breaks and speed limits have gone nowhere.
Gov. Kathy Hochul outlines a $229 billion spending plan that leaves many questions unanswered — but helps New York City, from NYCHA to the MTA.
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Developers and tenant advocates alike say leaders in Albany failed to put muscle into pushing ambitious development proposals, allowing naysayers to win.
Court administrators refused to comment on the future role of Justice Naita Semaj-Williams, who drew tabloid and law enforcement ire after releasing a man accused of manslaughter without bail.
The governor indicated she would back a voucher program and make more money available for NYCHA to cover unpaid rent.
Funding cuts to libraries, Albany issues and Knicks and Nets, with special guest co-host Ben Max.
Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan to lift a state land use rule is meeting opposition from some Manhattan and Brooklyn legislators.
A raft of proposals that progressive and anti-incarceration activists have been pushing for will likely have to wait until next year.
From helping judges set bail to spurring housing development, big plans from Hochul are encountering fierce resistance from state lawmakers.
Hempstead once passed plans to spur apartments near LIRR stations. Now it’s extending a development moratorium.
Assembly and Senate budget bills both challenge foundations of proposals by the governor and mayor to build hundreds of thousands of new homes.