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Joe Crowley

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Who is Ron Kim? Meet Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Nemesis, a Once-Obscure Queens Pol Who’s Grabbed the Spotlight

An Assembly member from the borough’s northeast corner has gone from Democratic insider to progressive outsider. Now his blow-up with the governor has elevated his profile as he seeks to zap Cuomo’s emergency pandemic powers.

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Race for Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke’s House Seat Spans Democratic Spectrum

From DSA to MBA, six candidates — including Adem Bunkeddeko and Councilmember Chaim Deutsch — look to mobilize voters in a diverse district.

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Greenpoint Activist Vies to Unseat 47-Year Incumbent Lentol

With her Brooklyn Assembly run, community board member and environmental advocate Emily Gallagher joins wave of upstarts rattling entrenched pols.

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Insurgent Candidate Battles Queens Democratic Party in Primary for Judgeship

AOC inspires another challenge to the party machine: A lawyer who just moved from the Bronx to Queens to seek a seat on Civil Court bench.


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