James Oddo

Mark Murphy says a new ballot line is needed to bridge the borough’s Democratic-GOP divide. But his primary rivals are concerned he’ll wage a rogue general election run and break up the party.
The 20-year-old Richmond County Bank Ballpark could soon be home to a team from the Atlantic League, the last stop for some ex-major leaguers. Meanwhile, the empty diamond is costing taxpayers over $500,000 to maintain.
A proposed non-aggression pact designed to tap into the new voting system’s promise of positive campaigning instead unleashed aggression among Democrats. Some see a similar strain creeping into the crucial race for mayor.
If the federal government doesn’t do the work, City Hall says the project will likely be pushed back another year. Meanwhile, it’s been more than eight years since Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of the borough.
The Democratic congressman and the GOP leader enjoy a banter-filled working relationship — while Trump-backed House hopeful Nicole Malliotakis battles Rose without Oddo’s help.
Builders say a recent bureaucratic roadblock is the result of political pressure from Staten Island Borough President Jimmy Oddo, who renamed streets to taunt them.
Most Republican officials and candidates in the only borough to vote Trump want to move faster than Gov. Cuomo’s plan. There’s one major exception…
Borough President James Oddo said his office will collect race, gender and age info — after THE CITY revealed failure to comply with a legal mandate.
We analyzed the latest available demographic data of the city’s volunteer boards. Check out your neighborhood’s numbers and find out how to join.
Bay Street rezoning, approved by a City Council committee Thursday, yields a pledge to rebuild collapsed rec center, add schools and fix sewer system.
A key vote is set for Monday on a project that could count high-end housing toward the mayor’s goal of 300,000 affordable flats.
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