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James O'Neill

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NYPD Uses NFL Playbook to Tackle Upper Ranks Diversity Problem

Mayor de Blasio brings football’s "Rooney Rule" to the Police Department, requiring brass to interview candidates of color for top positions. Critics say it will take more to break through the NYPD’s mostly white upper echelon.

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Misconduct Complaints Trailed NYPD Commissioner Shea and Other Police Brass’ Rise to the Top

The NYPD leader and four deputies accumulated at least one allegation substantiated by the Civilian Complaint Review Board — and so did his predecessor, James O’Neill. Some of incidents recall the height of stop-and-frisk.

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Video Shows Cleared NYPD Cop Shoving Prodigy Funeral-Goer Into Traffic

A departmental trial judge found the officer guilty of misconduct in the incident outside the Mobb Deep rapper’s wake. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea overturned the verdict. The video was released after THE CITY pressed Mayor de Blasio.

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NYPD Commissioners Cleared Cops Found Guilty of Everything From Chokeholds to Pushing Man Into Traffic

The city’s top cop can overturn internal trial verdicts and change penalties. It’s happened over 40 times in the last four years — even with misconduct captured on video, THE CITY found. Here are some cases fueling calls for reform.

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Despite Diversity Gains, Top NYPD Ranks Fall Short of Reflecting Communities

Only one in five officers above captain are black, Latino or Asian, groups that form the majority of New York’s population — and its police force.

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In Garner’s Staten Island, Locals Say ‘It’s About Time’ on Cop Verdict

On Staten Island’s Bay Street, where Eric Garner died, an NYPD judge’s recommendation that Officer Daniel Pantaleo be fired was met with relief.

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Eric Garner’s Mother Tells Mayor to ‘Stand Up’ After Feds Ditch Case

De Blasio didn’t stick around City Hall for a rally with Garner’s family. But he changed how the NYPD will deal with police-involved deaths.


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