About 40% of the more than 113,000 migrants who have arrived in the five boroughs since last year hail from the South American country, per estimates from City Hall.
Only 600 people a day can be served by ICE at 26 Federal Plaza — leaving even those who have appointments and looming asylum deadlines locked out and at risk.
Medrite and Aron Security got $450 million to staff more than a dozen shelters under a shroud of secrecy. Even the city comptroller and Council are struggling to find out more as workers and residents clash.
With expiration of their time in free city beds fast approaching, some migrants are racing to find a place to rent while others are unsure where they will end up.
At least some Democrats are sounding a lot like their Republican opponents as they try to stay aligned with public opinion on immigrant shelters, crime and other tension points could be their ticket to City Hall.
A kitchen worker’s intimidating behavior was just part of the hostile atmosphere at a Brooklyn facility funded by a $10 million city contract, an investigation by THE CITY reveals.
Asylum-seekers who have been here for many months are helping newer arrivals find jobs and their way, but a paycheck is no guarantee of escaping city shelters.
From the Irish potato famine to the 1970s fiscal crisis, immigration has been key to the city’s growth in ways that are playing out again as asylum-seekers arrive.
Shower trucks stand at the ready as Mayor Eric Adams awaits a green light from the federal government.
In a wide-ranging sit-down with THE CITY, the City Council’s leader calls for more consultation and communication from the mayor’s office when it comes to dealing with the recent waves of asylum seekers now filling shelters.
Mothers with small children — and some tykes by themselves — have become common in the subway system.
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Mayor Eric Adams’ proposal to cut Promise NYC has confused providers, advocates and some City Council members.
The abrupt shutdown of a greeting area marks a breaking point in the fraying relationships between City Hall and the activist groups running the site.
The move came days after the Adams administration placed them in an elementary school gym, then faced protests.
While organizers make plans to provide showers and clothes to asylum-seekers, other New Yorkers demonstrated against their presence and what it would mean for their kids.
Some 500 asylum-seekers slept in a school gym on Staten Island over the weekend. By Monday city officials had identified six more gyms, all in Brooklyn, to cope with an evolving emergency.
Texas charities are now sending migrant families to NYC on airplanes, not buses — yet airports lack the migrant support amassed at Port Authority Bus Terminal.
While advocates threaten to sue over a mayoral order that allows barracks shelters, City Hall proposes sites that are news — even to officials who control them.
‘We need your help,’ begged an urgent city email seeking space for migrants, the latest indication the Adams administration is hitting the panic button.
A newly unveiled memo details unusual and obscure arrangement for more than $100 million in spending on hotels and health care.
That’s not supposed to happen in a sanctuary city. Next week City Council takes up measures to strengthen that status.