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How New Yorkers Cut Out of Unemployment and Stimulus Checks Can Tap $2.1B Fund

Some 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers are now eligible for help under the historic Excluded Workers Fund established in the state budget. But there are still some more hurdles to get the cash. Here’s a breakdown.

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What Happens When a New York City Landlord Threatens to Call ICE?

THE CITY talked to some experts and got the answer to this common reader question. We found tenants have rights, regardless of immigration status.

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State Stiffs Immigration Lawyer Fund Cuomo Once Lauded as ‘Beacon of Hope’

Nearly 80 nonprofit organizations are demanding answers after being told that past work for providing free legal representation in immigration cases would not be paid for.

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Man Detained by ICE in Violent Brooklyn Raid Is Free Pending Deportation Hearing

Gaspar Avendaño-Hernández was the target of an ICE raid in which his girlfriend’s son was shot. A federal judge has released him citing coronavirus concerns.

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ICE Raids Continue in Staten Island Despite Global Pandemic

As New York City shuts down in almost every other way, federal immigration enforcement officials are still picking people up.

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Wounds Still Wide Open for Family of Erick Díaz-Cruz, Shot by ICE in Brooklyn

While visitor from Mexico recovers, his mother doesn’t know when she’ll see her detained partner again. And she has a message for President Trump.

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New York Sues ICE to Stop Arrests of Immigrants at Courts

Attorney General Letitita James and Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez contend ICE scares away witnesses and makes victims reluctant to report crimes.

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City Council Tasks Schools With Educating Immigrant Families on Public Charge Rule

A bill passed by the City Council Thursday would require public schools to give students "educational materials" about new Trump admin. policy.

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On the Brink of Being Homeless in a ‘Sanctuary City’

After an ICE raid took a Queens family’s breadwinner, his loved ones fight to keep their home, with no help from housing aid off limits to immigrants.

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ICE Courts a Fight Over State Bid to Limit Arrests

Court officers say they’ll be handcuffed if federal agents defy a new policy requiring warrants to seize immigrants: "We will not interfere."


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