Hunts Point

The nearly week-long walkout over the dollar-an-hour hike sought by the Bronx workers who helped keep New Yorkers fed during the pandemic drew the attention of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other pols.
Three months into the coronavirus crisis, the worst fears for one of the world’s largest food distribution centers have been averted — with not one employee laid off or furloughed.
The Bronx-based regional food hub has plenty of product, but mass layoffs are likely at distributors that rely on selling to eateries.
The City Council approved $3.5 million for the emergency power supply in 2016. But the Hunts Point project is snagged by “regulatory delays.”
Local critics say de Blasio administration plan for Hunts Point Food Distribution Center only focuses on half of the resiliency equation.
Scores of trucks are behind on meeting 12-year-old federal diesel engine standards as the Jan. 1 deadline on a city-mandated upgrade approaches.
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