Human Resources Administration

A massive industrial building — until recently home to a Bed Bath & Beyond — is slated to get an influx of government employees relocating from Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.
After five months, tenants and landlords are still unable to use an application that would streamline access to city-funded rental assistance benefits.
A landlord filed 54 Housing Court cases last week demanding months and even years of unpaid rent. Tenants say the city Department of Social Services didn’t come through on its share of the bill.
Advocates are calling on Albany and to ramp up security on benefits cards — while officials say the law ties their hands when it comes to reimbursing the stolen funds.
The city has now left all its notorious “cluster” shelter sites. Family homelessness is down. Eric Adams has hinted he likes the Department of Social Services commissioner. Is Banks ready for round two?
Workers who get a raise above minimum wage will lose their housing aid under a deal struck this spring between the City Council and de Blasio to cover a higher range of rents. There’s time to fix that income cliff danger before the Sept. 1 upgrade.
Bronx man’s plight highlights call for city’s poverty relief agency to extend an expiring moratorium on settlement collections from people deemed disqualified for public benefits already received.
On Friday, the city scrapped the face-covering requirement following two Broxn incidents. On Monday, “no mask, no entry” signs went back up citywide.
The flip followed two Bronx incidents in which visitors refused to cover their faces to protect against coronavirus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered masks be worn in public, backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.
More than 300 New York City buildings — including the Lotte New York Palace, the “Gossip Girl” hotel — lack safety measures following failed inspections, city DOB records show. The city announced a crackdown after Erica Tishman’s death.
Karim Walker counted as a success story when he moved into permanent housing. Now, he’s living in the subways. Can de Blasio’s new Outreach NYC help?
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While conversions to permanent housing have helped shrink the number of homeless families, transition to promised 90 new shelters proves slow going.
The city shells out $17.5 million annually to self-storage companies. But some clients report big problems with the little-regulated industry.
After an ICE raid took a Queens family’s breadwinner, his loved ones fight to keep their home, with no help from housing aid off limits to immigrants.