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City Starts Kicking Thousands of Homeless People From Hotels Back to Shelters

For some New Yorkers, emergency housing during the pandemic offered a life line: the privacy and peace of a safe and comfortable hotel room. That will now end by late July. Moving day for men at the Upper West Side’s Lucerne Hotel came Monday.

New York City Jobs Jump Trails Nation as Wary Tourists Wait in the Wings

The city added 16,000 jobs last month, the most since August. But much of New York’s employment comeback hinges on when the vaccine rollout convinces office workers and visitors to return.

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New York in Job Hunt as City Seeks Economic Comeback from COVID

THE CITY is talking an ongoing look at the shaken-up jobs market amid the pandemic — including the varying impact on different employment sectors and evolving signs of what’s to come.

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Jobs Take a Hit in New York as Local Economy Heads for a ‘Second-Wave Slowdown’

The loss of 7,500 positions last month marks the first decline since the economy bottomed out in April. Meanwhile, uncertainty over the vaccination rollout and government bailouts bodes for a double-dip recession.

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City ‘Failing’ to Protect Homeless in Shelters and Hotels During Pandemic, Lawsuit Demanding Solo Rooms Alleges

A case filed by Legal Aid late Thursday seeks to mandate single-occupancy hotel rooms for single adult homeless New Yorkers for the duration of the crisis.

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A Life in Limbo for Homeless Families at Mercy of City’s Moving Whims

Harmonia Hotel resident Mike Bonano has used a rented U-Haul to help neighbors cope with Mayor de Blasio’s whiplash decisions on shelters. Bonano and his wife have been forced to move three times in as many years.

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The State of the Unions: Pandemic Brings Chance for Expansion Along With Financial Threats

One in five workers in NYC is a union member, a CUNY report found. More may join over safety concerns, even as layoffs and loss of dues spell tough times ahead.

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Former Inmates Threatened with Early Checkout from Taxpayer-Funded Hotel Rooms

Homeless people who moved into rooms in Manhattan and Queens after leaving jail or prison could be back on the streets by Oct. 31 — especially if money from FEMA doesn’t come through.


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Business Leaders Push for Faster Action to Spur NYC’s Economic Comeback

Struggling hotel, restaurant and building owners are turning up the pressure, arguing the deliberate approach on reopenings threatens New York’s recovery. Government officials point to the city’s low coronavirus infection rate.

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Homeless People Sheltering From the Street Secure City Pledge to Fund Hotel Stays

Excluded from government programs providing free rooms for those seeking safety in the pandemic, homeless New Yorkers launched a campaign to have their stays paid for by the public.

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Pandemic-Emptied Hotels Could Become Affordable Housing, City Officials Suggest

Potentially thousands of vacant hotel rooms are ripe for conversion into permanent residences, deputy mayor, housing groups and hotel owners agree.

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Federal Health Authorities Warn Against Dispersing Homeless Without Refuge

CDC guidance challenges busing scores of people from subways to group shelters, as Council and mayor square off over expanding use of hotel rooms.

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Some NYC Homeless Practice Social Distancing in Hotels, With Help from Donors

Advocates raise funds for hotel rooms for two dozen people, raising awareness of need for thousands more isolation spaces for homeless New Yorkers.

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A Lonely Life for the Isolated Residents of the City’s Coronavirus Hotels

"Nobody’s in the hallways. Nobody’s talking. Nobody will come into the room," says a homeless woman quarantined at a Queens hotel.

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City Shuttles Homeless and Other Virus Patients to Hotels

Officials line up 500 rooms to isolate shelter residents and public hospital patients with nowhere to go. But hotel workers won’t get masks.

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City OKed Hotel Plan After Developer Hosted de Blasio Fundraiser

The hotel plan, which dates to 2017, was approved days after Michael Cheng and associates brought in big bucks for de Blasio’s PAC, records show.