Doctors and medical staff at Interfaith, Kingsbrook and Brookdale hospitals have been unable to access patients’ electronic medical records since last Saturday.
Brooklyn’s largest hospital serving predominantly needy patients is besieged with demands for an overhaul, aimed at high-paid leadership.
Some residents training at the Bronx public hospital are in revolt over their allegedly “toxic” workplace following the deaths of three colleagues — two reportedly by suicide. City hospital leaders pledged to boost mental health help.
Following a pandemic pause, a nearly century-old East Flatbush hospital is sending patients from its ER to other facilities in Brooklyn as part of a Cuomo-led consolidation. Health providers say many neighbors remain unaware.
Support from a new mayor on getting a public hospital or increasing health spending would mark a sea change for borough officials, who’ve upped their push for more resources amid the pandemic.
Suburban retirees drive in for life-saving shots, while city Spanish speakers rely on a reporter to translate the message: Call yet again to get an appointment.
The move comes as the borough logs the highest seven-day average of positive tests in the city amid growing COVID-19-related hospitalizations.
Concerns about staff and protective gear shortages rise along with an influx of new patients, even as hospitalizations and deaths remain far shy of the spring wave.
Virtually every municipal agency has skipped legally mandated deadlines for filing reports, say record-keepers.
State works with schools to find alternatives to quarantine-disrupted placements on hospital wards where students get vital training.
Lawsuits filed by three cardiac specialists and one transplant physician allege a pattern of negligence and revenge at the Brooklyn hospital, which serves immigrant communities.
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Private health care networks treated most COVID-19 patients, but lost dollars could yield cuts to services even as they brace for a second wave.
The loss of Sha-asia Washington, less than three months after the death of Amber Isaac, reignited scrutiny of maternal health care for Black women in New York.
A Manhattan hospital employee described how a 20-minute drive turned into two-hour odyssey, thanks to State Police and the NYPD. He’s apparently not alone.
The mayor reacted after photos THE CITY obtained showed social distancing nightmares at two facilities — scenes one official called “heartbreaking.”
Pictures show a human sprawl along the stairs at Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter. A similar scene was captured at a Wards Island facility.
Amid the overnight train shutdown, caravans take men to Manhattan’s notorious 30th St. Shelter where social distancing to stop coronavirus is elusive.
Advocates demand clarity after hospitals refuse to let birthing partners be present for early labor and during postpartum recovery amid virus crisis.
Union lawsuits estimate that three out of four New York nurses have been exposed to coronavirus — and that 250 could die of COVID-19.
The city’s purchasing agency has signed deals for up to 34 million masks — and has received just 637,760 so far, a review of contract records shows.
Workers say protective equipment remains scarce, despite ruling. Meanwhile, public hospital nurses plan a protest over doctor’s note sick day edict.