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Boost to Skimpy Low-Income Housing Vouchers Leaves Formerly Homeless at Risk of Return to Shelters

Workers who get a raise above minimum wage will lose their housing aid under a deal struck this spring between the City Council and de Blasio to cover a higher range of rents. There’s time to fix that income cliff danger before the Sept. 1 upgrade.

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Pyramid Scheme: Critics Question Why Transit Spaces are ‘Hostile’ to Humans

A trio of wooden pyramids, erected atop flat metal security bollards in front Penn Station, are among examples around the city and transit system of what some call "cruel" public design features that make homeless people uncomfortable.

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Homeless Youth Finally Get Rent Help, But Aid Could be Fleeting

Young people won’t have to automatically go to an adult shelter to become eligible for permanent housing help, thanks to new city and federal new direct rental assistance. But the first-come, first-served efforts are limited.

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City Starts Kicking Thousands of Homeless People From Hotels Back to Shelters

For some New Yorkers, emergency housing during the pandemic offered a life line: the privacy and peace of a safe and comfortable hotel room. That will now end by late July. Moving day for men at the Upper West Side’s Lucerne Hotel came Monday.

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De Blasio’s Promised Rent Help for Homeless Youth Takes a Detour

Officials agreed to route young people to live in adult shelters in order to obtain vouchers for permanent housing — even after the mayor promised direct access to help, document obtained by THE CITY shows.

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Meet Your Mayor: Homelessness

See which candidates for NYC mayor agree with you most on homelessness.

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Homeless Reflect on Life in a New York City Hotel Room, One Year Later

For some New Yorkers, the pandemic proved an ironic lifesaver: Spending a year living in clean, private hotel rooms allowed them to get some stability in their lives and finally see hope for the future — if they’re not kicked back into city shelters.

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A Push to Unlock Subway Bathrooms as the City Gets Moving Again

Restrooms once open to the public at 76 stations have been closed for over a year as part of the MTA’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. With few public toilets above ground either, homeless New Yorkers are hit hardest.

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Sleeping Behind The Bronx Zoo: Why Some New Yorkers Choose Streets Over Shelters

A Coalition for the Homeless study found most people surveyed had been on the streets or subways for at least a year, afraid to go to shelters. Some take refuge in out-of-the-way spots — including behind The Bronx Zoo.

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Homeless Feel Unwelcome at Gleaming New Moynihan Train Hall as They Stick to Penn Station

With off-limits seating and an overnight shutdown, the $1.6 billion transit space that recently opened in Manhattan puts off homeless New Yorkers. "I know it’s not for me," one man said.


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As Their East Village Church Burned, a Congregation Asked: How Can We Help the Women Next Door?

The Hopper Home women’s shelter shares a wall with the historic Middle Collegiate Church on Second Avenue. After a Dec. 5 fire left 22 residents with almost nothing, church members made sure they got what they needed.

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Subway Ridership Down, But Incidents of People on Tracks on Pace to Top Last Year

Instances of a "person on the roadbed" this year have hit at least 720, according to MTA stats obtained by THE CITY. That’s nearly many as in all of 2019, despite a steep pandemic-driven decline in ridership.

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Subway Motorman Says MTA Trying to Silence Him for Blowing Whistle 

"If I see something, I say something," said Yann Hicks, who has tweeted photos critical of the Transit Authority’s actions on homelessness and is now facing suspension for allegedly violating a safety rule that bans the use of phones while operating a train.

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City ‘Failing’ to Protect Homeless in Shelters and Hotels During Pandemic, Lawsuit Demanding Solo Rooms Alleges

A case filed by Legal Aid late Thursday seeks to mandate single-occupancy hotel rooms for single adult homeless New Yorkers for the duration of the crisis.

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Key Government Stats Missing After Blown Reporting Deadlines — With COVID to Blame, Says City Hall

Virtually every municipal agency has skipped legally mandated deadlines for filing reports, say record-keepers.

Recently Jailed New Yorkers Struggle When Dumped on Street With No ID

Leaving Rikers Island, many former detainees can’t rent apartments or get jobs — because the city lost their ID.

Ahead of Upper West Side Shelter Move, Allies of Homeless Downtown Pull From ‘Open Hearts’ Playbook

While some in Lower Manhattan are fundraising $1M for a lawsuit against the city, "Friends of FiDi" has packed welcome kits for homeless men. The West Siders helping them organize hope the movement spreads.

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Grandma Quarantined at LaGuardia Hotel Treated More Like Inmate than Guest Amid COVID-19 Test Snag

Brooklyn woman trapped in isolation for 10 days and counting in a room with an unlocked door and a locked patio. She voluntarily checked in to shield her family following return from a high-risk state.

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A Life in Limbo for Homeless Families at Mercy of City’s Moving Whims

Harmonia Hotel resident Mike Bonano has used a rented U-Haul to help neighbors cope with Mayor de Blasio’s whiplash decisions on shelters. Bonano and his wife have been forced to move three times in as many years.

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No Bathroom Relief in Sight for Thousands Living on the Streets

Homeless New Yorkers report the coronavirus crisis has made it more difficult to find water and bathrooms. Meanwhile, portable toilets put out by the city were destroyed.