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CUNY’s STEM Graduates Nearly Double in a Decade but Disparities Persist, Study Finds

The City University of New York is making enormous strides in preparing students in science, tech, engineering and math, the Center for an Urban Future finds, with more homework to do in getting Black and Hispanic grads in the fields.

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FIT’s Offer of Free Temporary Housing to Laid-Off Workers Isn’t Actually Free

Soon-to-be-unemployed dorm workers facing decision deadline say they’re not sure they can afford to accept the state college’s offer meant to ease the pain of a Manhattan pandemic pushout.

In Reversal, Fashion Institute of Technology Offers Temporary Housing to Laid-Off Dormitory Staffers

At the State University of New York campus in Manhattan, 13 FIT residence hall employees will have a place to call home through at least May, even after they lose their jobs next month.

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FIT Layoffs to Leave Dorm Staffers Without Homes or Jobs as President Keeps Penthouse

Cutbacks at the Manhattan SUNY design school will force 13 workers out of housing by year’s end. Meanwhile, college chief Joyce Brown remains in a full-floor 4,000-square-foot-plus apartment atop a now-empty residence hall.

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In Emptier Manhattan, Low Census Responses Prompt Outreach to Those Who Left

In some wealthy areas like the Upper East Side’s "Gold Coast," Census responses are dragging behind 2010 figures by double digits amid the pandemic.

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Looming CUNY Budget Cuts Have Faculty and Students Fearing for the Future

Union calls for campus leaders to consider taking pay cuts as part-time profs and students fight for funding to save jobs and classes.

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State Asking CUNY Staff for Help Handling Unemployment Applications

Department of Labor staffers are so busy that Albany is recruiting City University of New York employees and other civil servants to pitch in.

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CUNY Online Learning Scramble Heightens Stress for Students and Faculty

Classes delayed a second time as colleges hand out up to 30,000 laptops to students who lack the tech to participate in remote learning.

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CUNY Students Pushed Out of Dorms for Medical Space

Students are being kicked out at CSI, Hunter and City colleges to make way for "medical emergency centers" in the fight against coronavirus.

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Some Undocumented Students Find Letdown at End of NY DREAM Act Rainbow

The NY DREAM Act opened college help to undocumented students. But the confusing process ended with unexpected — and unexplained — bad news for some.


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Big-Time Builders Line Up for Shot at Prime Manhattan CUNY Property

"It screams for condos" said a rep for one developer eyeing money-making possibilities on prime John Jay College real estate.

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CUNY Vies to Cash in on Its Prime West Side Real Estate

A former John Jay College building on Manhattan’s Amsterdam Avenue could make way for a lucrative private tower with new school facilities and more.