In the wake of a leaked decision by Justice Samuel Alito gutting abortion rights, state lawmakers have introduced measures to expand access for the expected influx of abortion seekers.
With contact tracing phasing out, “Test & Trace” stages test prep for the next wave.
New York cut nearly a third of state-run psychiatric hospital beds for children, pledging to reinvest the funds in outpatient measures. There’s no evidence it worked.
Sen. Brad Hoylman wants New York to pursue a waiver to allow federal funding for long-term residential treatment, which could include innovative alternatives to incarceration.
Court rules retirees can keep current insurance free of charge, as alternative to a planned cost-cutting transfer to Medicare Advantage.
A Bronx couple who say they are among dozens if not hundreds of New Yorkers unfairly billed by the Brooklyn-based physicians
Despite global spiritual leaders encouraging the jab, one Brooklyn rabbi said any colleague of his who rejects an exemption request “isn’t Jewish.”
Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine wants to create a “resource center” where deliveristas and other independent contractors can work, recharge and get information on everything from wage theft to health care.
The pandemic’s emotional strains are falling especially heavy on communities hit hardest by COVID, unemployment and child care challenges.
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Defense lawyers say the Staten Island case highlights the problem of having the NYPD handle emergency calls involving emotionally disturbed people.
Twenty-five libraries throughout the city were closed on Monday due to worker shortages, forcing some New Yorkers to stand outside in the cold for WiFi and to download tomes.
Some 7,000 have complained they can’t access the money giveaway, provided to New Yorkers who rolled up their sleeves at certain vaccination sites. The provider got the job without competitive bidding.
COVID more than doubled city yearly deaths and coincided with record fatal drug overdoses. In better news: more New Yorkers now have health insurance
Public hospital system has increasingly little room for new patients, state stats show. New York City is now above the threshold of 4 new COVID cases per 100,000 residents that can trigger a state shutdown of non-essential surgery to free up space.
Only workers who aren’t fully vaccinated are notified of positive cases in their office. Municipal staffers say safety hazards and double standards abound.
Test & Trace’s shift to privately run mobile testing tents hasn’t stopped long lines from forming at urgent care centers, forcing everyone from teachers to baristas to miss work. The mayor on Thursday announced plans to expand NYC testing site hours and locations.